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2.17: SJS/CAR -- game highlights



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Fri, 17 Feb 2012|

Sharks Postgame Live runs back all the big plays in the Sharks 3-2 loss to the Hurricanes.


Machine Generated Transcript

Dominic Moore making his Sharks debut in the present Sharks the first period scoreless McCain's -- in San Jose's on how about that Jeff Skinner. Unintentional should pass let's say that turned into a shot uncle yeah he -- try to get this the brotherhood it's up there boy gets it right there was the back of the net. Later in the period Carolina on the power -- sweet passing you're just involved the demon jump -- the play and yet just the fault here nice little rookie here is doing a nice job league rookies in the in ice time for defenseman Beisel -- their fifth full season tuneup in Carolina in the Sharks with a great chance here -- of bells he shot hit the post and market more classic would put a puck on net but it is saved him. By Justin Peters yeah they -- saw what they two on one chance San Jose cannot convert just like that they trailed two nothing. After one period. A scoreless second so we skipped straight to the third San Jose try to get on the board and boil looks innocent. But it finds the back in the next temple does a great job getting up with the play right here -- sitting on a bad clear right there that offense that there's Dominic Moore right -- right to the front of that. It's five here with a great shot but it was no point for dom or their but he does pick up his first point as a sharp with the apple right there to Brent Burns preparers of the great -- probably about like Dominic Moore here you go -- his feet gets a backhanded. The -- coming out with a point. It's like here's the short side. The canes. Wake up after the game is tied it two years in the opening right here in the slot off the point shot he gets the redirect haven't been watching -- drive to the front a spot here is the shot from the point there's the redirect. It really no chance for -- are really did have a chance that anyone those three -- -- six sale the Sharks had their chances down the stretch Logan could shores -- -- tonight. And we'll go towards that Patrick Marleau could not convert right there and how much guilt about he he'll be tonight but the best chance for San Jose late to tie it. Joseph Bo Ryan. Or three seconds left but couldn't get to go have Bradford disposable laser right there gets off a -- towards real mistake you just can't get that -- what Peter's. Sorry to say that that was with a big goal for the Sharks tied the game like. Justin Peters before this game two games played this season he was 02 with a 457. Goals against. But on this night 35 -- it's the -- it.

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