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7.1: Doug Wilson on acquiring Jim Vandermeer

Wed, 9 Jan 2013|

The Sharks have explored bringing back Jim Vandermeer, 32-year-old journeyman, as there are some injury questions on the blue line.

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  1. 7.1: Sharks sign two as free agency begins

    The San Jose Sharks made moves this first day. Jim Vandermeer has signed one year wonder. Dollar contract team field is known for his skills on the penalty kill was lousy high willingness

  2. 8.3: Bret Hedican and Randy Hahn at the CSN BBQ

    have a better blue line this year. Brent burns and Jim Vandermeer have been added you lose why you bring in a new life ..... lineup this year than the other people like Colin White Jim Vandermeer who were. Added in the offseason as well it's got

  3. 2.23: SJS/TOR -- game highlights

    your second of the night as after being in the way. Third period three minutes data here we go good scrap between Jim Vandermeer Mike yeah Mike toppled but you're you're out type putter and Anaheim is a tough kid. The ability to get his team

  4. McLellan cites power play as problem and solution

    that haven't scored a long time you know you look at Torrey Mitchell's been able to hit the scoreboard. I think Jim Vandermeer at the scoreboard against Edmonton put them out there as much from. From anybody else in the for us to be successful

  1. Sharks notes: Time change for opener, Vandermeer a Canuck


    Tue, 15 Jan 2013

    The timing could be perfect for Bay Area sports fans, as the start of the Sharks-Flames game in Calgary could coincide with the end of the 49ers-Falcons NFC Championship Game.

  2. Sharks in discussions with Vandermeer


    Wed, 9 Jan 2013

    The Sharks have explored bringing back Jim Vandermeer , 32-year-old journeyman, as there are some injury questions on the blue line.

  3. done with them. We won't with all of them. And we got some offense from someone usual suspects when you wanna sit Vandermeer last game toward Mitchell's been. Been able to contribute and when you do without Williams better went.

  4. Sharks fall in shootout to Edmonton


    Wed, 7 Mar 2012

    Highlights of the game minute morning towards Saint Patrick's Day jerseys gym all of Vandermeer . His last goal. Came on March 31 2011 that's the fourth time called back on the bench after missing three games of the because

  5. 2.28: PHI/SJS game highlights


    Wed, 29 Feb 2012

    Sharks after 12 period Ilya Bryzgalov. Going through a tough spell of wells' second period had a close game tonight Jim Vandermeer as quick shot and Patrick Marleau from. Point blank range was so I don't think so user Chad's still a one nothing

  6. about we had a defenseman and we needed to work our way through a number of new players give them an opportunity. Why do you Vandermeer . And it. Looking at that situation we needed to get them into the lineup but now we've had some injuries it's allowed

  7. rookies What we covered that San Jose would believe in Dallas not very happy about that today counter with fists get Jeff Jim Vandermeer . Sorry hey Chris dropped the gloves then on the ensuing faceoff. Jamie and Eric nice to have exchanges pleasantries

  8. Friday penalty and face Michael decided to. We're on track blue line got as tough guy and all responsible players Jim Vandermeer tell me about Davis signing today of thought Colin White what He brings is a guy that. He always played an big games

  9. faceoff. Michael deciding to. Your contract wind got up graders were always tough guy and all around responsible player Jim Vandermeer tell me about signing today of Colin White what He brings is a guy that. He always played an all big games He brings

  10. and Murray I'm saying classic and Byrnes and then I'm saying diapers arrest somebody there to win either Y eight. Where Vandermeer or Justin depending on the situation in the game and that's really where they're at right now. Definitely a wealth of

  11. 5.12: Dallas Braden on Chronicle Live


    Thu, 13 May 2010

    you are gonna take the ball Friday night in Anaheim. And it is going to be watching you because you gonna try to tie Johnny Vandermeer go back to back no are back to back perfect games which is you know obviously difficult to do but. Are you able to lock in