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Meet Jody Shelley

Fri, 8 Mar 2013|

The Flyers put Jody Shelley and Tye McGinn on injured reserve to make room for Simon Gagne's salary.

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  1. 2.12: Jamie Baker on the Jody Shelley trade

    and for France has fan favorite Jody Shelley was traded to the New York Rangers ..... this situation. And I think from Jody Shelley standpoint. He's going to a ..... ll do a great job there we wish Jody Shelley lock him. I think that's all

  2. Shark Byte Episode 4: Part 2- Jody Shelley Mic'd Up

    You know fifteen years ago if you're told Jody Shelley that he was going to play 500 games National Hockey ..... will be greater plan. You have to admire the fact that Jody Shelley is still after all these years. When the first guys

  3. 9.12: Jody Shelley on Dany Heatley

    Jody Shelley talks about his newest teammate, Dany Heatley.

  4. 2.13: Sharks trade Jody Shelley to Rangers

    Since coming into the sharks' Jody Shelley is drop gloves 33. Times it was Thirteen hundred penalty minutes in his career. It's clear what his role on fifteen minutes

  1. Flyers maneuvered to make cap room for Gagne


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    The Flyers put Jody Shelley and Tye McGinn on injured reserve to make room for Simon Gagne's salary.

  2. Yeah I went through. Yeah well our scouts look through all of the non tenders. During getting Jamie Shelley and it was a name that stood out for a given our need her for depth in the outfield and is. We. One. This past year we won on

  3. that are going to be the judges yeah you are you cooking are you judging from judge and MLB a lot of shall we that you are Shelley . Yeah can you actually don't we had to have you cook to Chile dish could you could you do not to put some things together

  4. Let's start with drug logos on Shelley has I just saw a stat that. This is the most dominating pitching performance with at least 24 innings since Orel Hershiser answer

  5. his reaction you spoke with them just a couple minutes ago. About you know maybe what he's learned in all this time off Shelley said. Yeah he's been saying all right thing to say it's I'm sure it's a little bittersweet form because the team has

  6. supervisors in there as I said Doug preach Paul Turco junior John Barry Jones strained dictate journal. Bobby Evans Jeremy Shelley 's the whole group Adam meetings in there. And now we we go over every single player in the draft. How we have over 800

  7. Sure their ninth straight road win and not this one got physical awfully quick Jody Shelley cold or drop the gloves. This over quickens Shelley 's right arm. Uncle. That was that was a tough one brutal out all right out of form for

  8. 2.8: SJS/TOR Postgame - Ryan Clowe


    Mon, 8 Feb 2010

    room and we've been keeping track of a stat. The Sharks are now eleven and only in games when they're two fights Jody Shelley and go both going at a tonight I think that's just a coincidence huh. But Torre walked out totaled just all the incidents

  9. Scientists thought the right way how about it since check Jody Shelley and wave the flag going ahead of early in this one. Who won the fight game Jody Shelley I agrees that the Pacific and period Predators club one

  10. As you know. That. You know I think we are actually. Sometimes you're away from the guys get so much talent there. Since I've skilled individuals. You know attorneys sometimes to not their fault but. You've seen some of our goals of passion and story charts and going it's. And just staying with

  11. flying objects out of midair with a stick. Now trying their hand anymore refined game and nothing says refine like Jody Shelley and Ryan club. The big bangers now bought dollars Alford and it cost. All got both a couple of months ago by have

  12. 1.6: STL/SJS Postgame- Todd McLellan


    Thu, 7 Jan 2010

    time we were aware of it the play had already started again and never had a chance to converse or Coach obviously yet Jody Shelley . In 92 ninety plus second fight. Talk about what that may be meant to the guys in the bench and how that change to

  13. 1.6: STL/SJS Postgame- Dany Heatley


    Thu, 7 Jan 2010

    another record. Talking about a guy who made a big difference in this game a guy admitted change this impacted this game Jody Shelley was an appliance. It got arena. Macon is okay. Had the best thing. Few moments of course. How long winded Catalan

  14. 11.7: Penguins vs Sharks Rewind


    Sun, 8 Nov 2009

    of the first period second period now. In this. Of the he. of the season. Third period they feel. Cheap shot on Jody Shelley obviously Schilling takes exception. The is done. Two for roughing two for instigating a game misconduct meanwhile

  15. tonight heads of what did they ever turn it around yet it was the fourth live for Todd McLellan and a San Jose Sharks. Jody Shelley Scott nickel on Brad sob it's really kind of changed the momentum of this game and it was the first goal of the game

  16. had a lot of control my game my emotions. And yeah I've never really stepped up on the eighteenth deal with out of four Shelley and I've never done that before any other events so it was a nice comfortable feeling in May walk on them yet. You wound

  17. Ducks- 3/15/09


    Sun, 15 Mar 2009

    These two teams haven't played since December and it was a complete brawl that's back then to be interviewing Jody Shelley in the pregame skate with drew. And I want to look at money on the as well during one of our intermission so check

  18. Kings- 3/14/09


    Sat, 14 Mar 2009

    The Sharks skate at home for a Saturday night showdown with the visiting LA Kings. Jody Shelley gives a memorable performance in this edition of Sharks Tonight!

  19. Oilers- 2/17/09


    Tue, 17 Feb 2009

    Jody Shelley checks in before tonight's match-up with the Edmonton Oilers.

  20. Hurricanes- 2/5/09


    Thu, 5 Feb 2009

    I was Jody Shelley your sanity Sharks make sure to tune in tonight at 7 PM for the pregame show. On Comcast sports network Carolina Hurricanes. And we're ready for revenge from the loss last game so coach Sharks him.