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5.4: Outside Joe Louis Arena

Sun, 22 Sep 2013|

Byron Froese scored a pair of goals as the Blackhawks tormented Red Wings netminder Jimmy Howard in a 4-3 win at Joe Louis Arena on Sunday.

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  1. 5.4: Inside Joe Louis Arena in Detroit

    tradition that's taken place here in this building. Joe Louis Arena . And for anything that you say about you know no luxury ..... littered. With banners. So that's a quick here inside Joe Louis Arena . To give a little bit of a heads up. There's the

  2. 4.5: Brodie Brazil from Joe Louis Arena

    gold yet but what a boat. It. At all but. There needs to get one game you can double the chances. To close oddities so I think the biggest thing for the Sharks here we tried to keep yet. Well this. Ticket now do Joe Louis Arena what.

  3. 5.6: Sharks All-Access- A Superstitious Walk to the Joe

    thought I'd share that little piece of advice. There's part of the building there there's the Cobo Center and Joe Louis Arena just behind. That building right there and they're they're just couple minutes.

  4. 5.3: WXYZ Sports Director Don Shane discusses the Red Wings

    the other score. So that's that's their main objective going into tomorrow night's game game three here. At Joe Louis Arena but I can tell you this this is not a team or panicked they've been through these kinds of situations before. They

  1. Blackhawks hang on to top Red Wings


    Sun, 22 Sep 2013

    Byron Froese scored a pair of goals as the Blackhawks tormented Red Wings netminder Jimmy Howard in a 4-3 win at Joe Louis Arena on Sunday.

  2. NHL Wrap: Blackhawks beat Red Wings, force Game 7


    Mon, 27 May 2013

    With their backs against the wall, the Blackhawks beat the Red Wings, 4-3, Monday night at Joe Louis Arena to force a Game 7 in Chicago

  3. this time it was like. Holy smokes Sharks or three nothing had against Detroit that in this house of horrors call Joe Louis Arena which except for back in 94. Was just it is it's where it's Sharks winning streaks and I know that and last year

  4. can do good to hear player had a offers a bigger fan hat on and just tell me why special will play the game here at Joe Louis Arena . It's different atmosphere you accident in. You feel it's some all the building and that particular traditionally

  5. That said hey happy sharks' dressing room and good times for team in Detroit. in Brazil win more. Back here at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit with the postseason of overcoming continues for the San Jose Sharks and for the top line that. so much

  6. 11.6: Sharks vs Red Wings


    Fri, 6 Nov 2009

    stand then I Henrik Zetterberg. Seals it going top sell the Sox now. Born in thirty all time regular seasons at Joe Louis Arena so the streak is over the Sharks lose their first game seven tries. Given up only four goals on the three game road

  7. 11.5: Jamie Baker on the Sharks Win


    Fri, 6 Nov 2009

    not a lot of people attacking the exact same way as they did against Detroit red team. Where they've struggled at Joe Louis Arena you got a raucous crowd here tonight. And I just like the way the team played from top to bottom tonight few mistakes