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5.10: Sharks morning skate -- Todd McLellan



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Tue, 10 May 2011|

Todd McLellan discusses the Ryan Clowe injury forcing him to reshuffle lines.


Machine Generated Transcript

Get updates on Ryan close status for tonight young Ryan won't play tonight he's -- upper body injury Steve -- settles a hand. As we move horrible. Update everybody on his availability. Mean not having him what does that mean. Well it's a little more pressure on on other players put in order. Taking that the approach that the players that are actually dressed him involved in the game are more important than the ones that are sold. Make sure that usual when you compete. You fill the -- he's he's always important -- to our hockey club but. Johan Franzen all the -- and Brian Rafalski. You know all the guys playing with injuries are very important players. On their team as well also trouble the ones that are are out of the lineup principal ones entering. Who's in -- low moment of choice out of some of the guys we've been shuffling in and out. You know we've been eager and -- -- Jamie McGinn one of those guys -- -- His line all we're still hold -- -- we're doing points. For some of that -- maybe you don't react and whether or not they go that's you can Zetterberg on the same line how long you know along that. Those lines Malaysia match both teams have been able to adjust lines us as it goes along and you know salt -- and together we saw them apart. And we regardless of both dangerous and they're both committed to two winnings will be enough to understand that we have to be prepared to play against him one way or the other. Coach. I'm sort. But closed injury was it. Due to. They hit that you took from knowing you finished the game resulted in lost. 34 seconds and maybe you have nothing to do with with a hit that that. Crawling home. I'm finished a game where you read tinkered with this injury he'll be -- playing as we move forward. But if we've -- when we get back. Coach to just talk a little bit about the importance for both teams. Scoring from the Blue Line in this series in -- A lot of guys defenseman to score goals big goals. There are you look at. Last game alone leave him -- -- Detroit's. Of preventing the argument from being part of -- club of the offense of rusher or in the offensive zone. We got away on us a little bit in the third period. We'll both teams. Dynamic -- lines both teams of the ability to jump in and and join the rush some very good shooter so. I think when it comes to the back -- in and providing offense it's a wash its a matter of who does a better and more often. Coach you mentioned it was not related problem all of it good and you didn't finish the game with sort of take -- I was right. We eliminated something happened off the -- it was something happen on guys -- I'm not fall into the post something happened on the I suppose that's -- me after the game -- we're athletic on the way home to maneuver and -- to fly another plane last group or second unless his -- lost the lead hold them. And I didn't hold water yesterday helped me in the game -- thank you. I don't live there. Corey no he does nothing to do with what off at the end of the year. We draw we live in the moment it's today's game. Games one through Five -- important because they give you results. They give you an opportunity to be better behind in the series. But it's history. And we have to draw on what we are -- two. Two. Tackles and that's going to be a a good team. We feel good of our game when you look at the series. I think. -- -- game where we've played better and vice Versa we wanna game and they were the better team so. Not trade -- is all even though. We've played five games -- gone into overtime three the other three goaltenders have been pulled. -- closest the nineteenth game won't play against them we will played against them in the last two years surprises don't exist. -- it's about getting. World class efforts from world class players right now and we expect -- group and we move forward from there. How did you talk to Patrick Marleau and all our -- comments and what your expectations out of -- My expectations are proud are no different tonight than than any other night here regardless of what comment -- made on. On TV we're expecting -- to shore up and compete hard he's he's one of those world class players that I just talked devoted to skate issue. I feel just a little bit more there in his game. And I think we're gonna get it. Todd has specific to this series yet to three goal games to start the series in. And now you have 37 bowl games. Do you feel like -- better suited to win them a low scoring game against this team or doesn't matter. Probably a low scoring game. North if if we're gonna be honest with you we. Our strength from January on what was our defensive player commitment to each other in that area and you look at the game the other day it was a strong game both ways in my opinion from our team. We made two or three mistakes in the third period and in good teams make you pay for -- they did that. But it was by no means. One -- -- disaster game actually like the way we played. I didn't like the results. Tuck new just talk about it in Jimmy's development and and how much is experience last year is helping you in situations like this. Are -- his experience. You know other than than Chris Osgood in this series he's had the opportunity. To hold the cup as a goaltender and I think there's that's invaluable when it comes down to it to them. You look at the top -- Chicago have to take -- they have some bumps along the road. Here's a goaltender had some bumps along the -- but he kicks all when he got -- and and he's done that for us this year. Not. At the top of his -- a few nights obviously in the LA series but he's always rebound and had a great game and we'll call on him and he'll be there.