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2.11: SJ/NJ -- game highlights



  1. Johan Hedberg0:32
  2. Ilya Kovalchuk1:36
  3. New Jersey2:01
  4. Brian Rolston1:16
  5. David Bailey0:19
  6. Torrey Mitchell1:50
  7. Sharks0:20, 0:33, 1:21
  8. Devils1:39
  9. box score1:02
  10. game win streak0:12
Fri, 11 Feb 2011|

Devils 2, Sharks 1


Machine Generated Transcript

What -- post game live Dave and busters I. The game in the odds are you working. You're part of this game. On but -- Continue their five game win streak no scored in the bars and while it would stay that way despite the best efforts of San Jose eight. Players generated twelve shots David Bailey of the Sharks really controlled the tempo in the opening period. Well they asserted control -- over -- -- Jersey and most of the game. Jersey had 845 shots told her spirit and Johan Hedberg got out of the Sharks just from the one point. Pretty solid in that first period felt throughout the game still scored his second child well what you want. Well and -- comes up with the same. Yeah good -- here enter -- -- how -- would help hold on the board made tonight thoughts about that occurred there this stuff goes out there so we go to the third still scoreless and well Bob midway through the period. He'll develop -- -- puck in the zone Nicholas Wally puts a dot net while paddy Marleau there appropriate box score. Yeah that's it went through before that about tomorrow structures like this. Outside that goes with them like you shouldn't make or break place like Portland -- that are uninsured and before. A couple of minutes later in the devils' captain Brian Rolston with the power play scores -- that the here and by the game that wanna pay Sharks. I felt would have a couple. More opportunities about six minutes ago could serve with a chance tonight I had heard it while none of the -- tries able to go out of the games ties. A stays tied it winded. And it's still tied at one late in the third and while Ilya Kovalchuk does what he does. Yeah the Devils with a base stuff there -- like you studied over shirt because what he does there because pulled the -- between his arm and body of -- than that. And late in the game. Torrey Mitchell -- -- high sticking penalty eight double wire four minutes and I'll let you know pretty much kill any chance at a rally in it finishes up the games. Want to be your final in New Jersey this start falls -- the five game winning streak it and start of the it was in regulation for the first time in eleven games and how about Hedberg 31 saves on 32 shots.

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