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Sharks head south for first battle with Kings



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Mon, 28 Oct 2013|

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We are absolutely Stokes already about the team on Wednesday night the Sharks will be in Los Angeles at Staples Center the first of five meetings. The LA kings this season Bret I don't know what you would ever since he was seven -- playoffs last year round to. Had a bad taste in my mouth. Yeah this is a rivalry that he just loved to watch California. And these two teams that you know the Sharks are -- some of the LA kings have done just a few years ago that's the Stanley Cup. The Sharks are a look like a different team this year they feel like a different team you talk it you know listen to the. Players talked. And they're talking about something special going on so I'm excited about this match up five times during the courses is where I see these two these two teams that chance -- -- -- -- -- we get a good close look at this these two guys he's rival execution struggled a little bit out of the -- this season meanwhile the Sharks have. And pretty flawless 101 and one with 21 points in the paint. Already what do you think it is different. About each of these teams and maybe not so much the kings will cover -- them on a nightly basis but what are those little things that we are noticing about the Sharks I feel it too. -- -- my finger on what's different. -- -- -- Well and he just tonight's a microcosm of what we've seen for the start of the season you look at scoring throughout the roster. Every guy contributing Thomas -- talks about guys stepping up tonight when that third game in four nights. Alex they lock is just wait for his opportunity comes -- puts up a race night tonight on a forty saves. And just really look at the scoring right down the roster. Every guys contributing and and then the defensive core and we either move the puck out of the defensive zone or not wasting -- time yes tonight but that was 33 games for -- really tired legs but they found a way to get it done. And oh yeah goaltenders too by the -- Jonathan Quick on one side onto Niemi on the other it's going to be a doozy of a game Wednesday night we'll have to -- on Comcast sports --

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  1. this is a team that wants balance. They wanna take whoever's there based out looks get positive yards and get on the ball quick and again. And so the keys are. Making sure where we wanna be in the run game now where they want to be. And knocking people

  2. no huddle offense. A lot of the last couple of days and in disorganized it used to. The fact they're on the ball pretty quick and in being able to handle that communication process of that we have to be able handles so. Our guys really to this point

  3. San couple minutes later Drew Doughty answering back here. Quick release right in the slot that was track. Got just a tough ..... killer. No doubt about just finds a way to beat quickly another quick shot by another player tonight he had two goals last time you

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  8. think you got to get more comfortable in the pocket. There's a part of him you know that. That clock goes off a little too quick in his head. And when you do that because he has a lot of success Wear this heat. And that clocked a stick and boom he's

  9. gonna give them an opportunity to get back into the game so. We wanted to be able run the ball we wanted to be able get some quick short passes out. But you know. When we call the short pass we got deal completes a short pass we keep the clock run and it

  10. think about it all my phone yesterday and think of ourselves there today but does nice have a 5 o'clock game in. You know quick turn around and have much time that they can just start going place. Alex both talked about the journey here because of boy

  11. that in the first we try to process a lot of restricted her that often. Is that especially with some speed coming back in the quick shifts I think this was key for us tonight that. Especially Austin and it's on the ice off the ice and really kept College

  12. difference maker for the Warriors and that justify the money being spent for you need it for at least 75 games a year not 36. Real quick about thirty seconds what do you think it was last year in the playoffs him playing through pain that really sold the franchise

  13. five against the basically the best passers in the entire NFL. But Woodley is a veteran he's crafty he's both strong and quick which is normally spells danger for young offensive linemen so it will be interesting to see. How he deals with Woodley over

  14. of them. hurt getting over that but by and large it would take where they have a they like if you commit. Think Monty real quick here how big is Andrew Bogut to the future success of this team is he right behind south Seth Curry is the guy and the lawyers

  15. biggest thing will be able to handle the quickness of really most of their front guys but believe particularly. It's very quick further and for the and size of player that he is Oh come here with a move around but in no way he moves around off the engine

  16. the other games on Fulton you hit you just thinking more they more trap pass play action pass stuff like that. Questionable a quick turn wrong out. She retains some stuff like that. I mean one thing I notice more or less I've matured a lot more than capable

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  20. agree had a pretty good best release I've seen that guy was quick . Right on it it's Seth that gets it but how much of that ..... think the best pure shooter in the league. And he does have a quick release to it runs in the family again. Yeah it sure does and