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3.28: Highlights- Sharks Beat Colorado 4-3 on Setocuchi's Late Goal



  1. Scott McClellan0:06
  2. Joe Boyd0:07
  3. Sharks1:00, 1:19, 2:13
  4. Avalanche2:27
  5. Colorado1:52, 2:41
  6. Jordan0:24
  7. shot dead0:14
  8. Power play0:13
  9. consecutive games0:09
  10. north south2:41
Sun, 28 Mar 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

It's the Dave and -- highlights of the game. That sharks' Scott McClellan had a coach without Joe Boyd street 379 consecutive games. Snapped today at first period. Power play -- -- was shot dead -- -- -- -- A nice play by you you won't -- it back right here takes the hit and make the play with the fact of world war comes across my so they look. Jordan on that it's nice little 18% -- 10. I was right. Good early on as a flurry by the end of the first period that we talked about it before the game avenue would come and play well. Given that confidence to be needed in the playoffs second period of me. One nothing game but it would when long Cody -- shot Kevin Porter gets credit for the goal in this time. This world one that -- thrown on -- -- apply it great can't handle it kicks out and -- rebound goal by Porter both teams getting rewarded for throwing the puck on net. Still in the second period -- on a power play the Sharks killed off by about 34 she couldn't kill off of five on four as you. Yeah classic just itself falls down record proves that chance for the walk outside. Does that make that final ninety seconds of the second period give bid or higher credit for the goal although the tour help that was a trap. Talk about this for tour I don't play some good hockey for the Sharks. Being called up but -- driver that right there it's -- that traffic in the or -- it's going. Could go. -- to third period now. Once again -- And just the crappy as we come to expect the bad boy. It is nice patience right there was great all that's space for himself play here. Just settling you down -- that we kind of try to get to develop but it's off the way it goes it it boils goals so. Best of 32 game and had an awful. What 33 Colorado comes right back his -- -- second time today guys -- eye hand coordination here watches little. On this -- right there. How -- -- -- trial that was just -- but not on the last was -- so we go to the final six minutes of the -- game -- Off the leg of -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- the same right back out chipper -- Sharks nice we're going to let -- -- but recruiting is a lot here by getting that. It to the top places pucks in the net profit out of it right down the stretch. A couple of terrific saves in the final minutes. He stopped 420. Five shots by the Avalanche I would say the back up came to play gets his seventh victory of the season starts hang on and win by that score. Four to three they've now won four in a row for the first time since the second half of January when they won five straight Colorado north south losers of five of --