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2.1: PHO/SJS -- Kyle Wellwood


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Fri, 13 May 2011|

Wellwood talks about what Vancouver line he expects to face in the Western Conference Finals.


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He is life. Top players in and numbers but -- visit him. -- everything that we -- Well have to see them on my. There's going to be a bit. That answers can -- -- the that He had the pads and it's. Well I think you're right away since he's planning other. Programs are on your. Normal on -- constant. And we just worked him real well. You know on the allotment of shapes up. Animals I hurt. And it was yeah yeah Johnson. -- -- His boss. Did prefers him at the end. -- very controlled game -- here it's been very good style wise as well as personnel I think. A lot of players here. Just fine. -- hopped off the -- on viewers just -- pop's passing game. It appears you. One place -- didn't. -- -- you think this will be. Defining. Series for both teams. Launching. Yeah just your right here and those are. You captain's arm -- on to win a championship. Finals it's going to be a they both those takes a lot of big a lot of criticism. Maybe the question why they haven't won it yet. Maybe a lot of those answers. We'll come in this series do you think or it's an opportunity effort for both guys like that and my. You know -- races and it's a sense there's. Those guys get receipts and it hasn't happened I'm. It's gonna come to our team in the ball game. You don't play it's you you know you can't place -- -- -- -- -- -- it's. Generally -- -- You don't hear -- -- pretty well with. You see them as brilliant event except that it has helped him to. Who the Mets -- Cox yeah I do agree and and I. A good chance for us to watch it until then obviously that position. Obviously they've played they don't motherly. And it's. Chemistry game. -- it's -- well. Think. It's -- different than here yeah they're they're certainly. The players on. Yeah and also stayed hurt the little different style meetings and you know -- -- that is -- they gave them a lot of positive yeah among them. Yeah. No consistency. Wednesday He did learn suffered its best players -- play. -- they lose. There's -- attention to a. Of course just getting everybody else. Is -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- around three scorers in our. And they're in the minor things -- when you play in. He's done that. -- distance the last few years and it's apparently so. This kind of.

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