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10.25: SJ/PHI Postgame- Manny Malhotra

Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Former San Jose Sharks center Manny Malhotra accepted a professional tryout with Carolina's AHL affiliate, the Charlotte Checkers.

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  1. 11.20: Manny Malhotra

    Manny Malhotra speaks with the media after the Sharks 6-3 win over the Flyers, raw and uncut.

  2. 3.5: Manny Malhotra , RAW

    Bigelow one thing that's going to weight lately and between them for the team. There was obviously nice to get the win we have. It was kind of stumbling a little bit as of late so. Getting behind early is. not their game plan lose again as did who show their resilience and he'll come back and and

  3. 5.2: DET/SJS Postgame- Manny Malhotra

    Sharks 4, Detroit 3, FINAL Sharks take a 2-0 series lead back to Detroit for game 3 on Tuesday.

  4. 3.11: NAS/SJS Postgame- Manny Malhotra

    No we expected. Coming tonight here obviously much tighter checking him. Not union not give them as many opportunities we did my It wasn't way we wanted to happen but we found a way to get them. When frequently and their pressure confident. Because pretty confident as I KK I was making stopping

  1. Malhotra agrees to professional tryout with AHL team


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Former San Jose Sharks center Manny Malhotra accepted a professional tryout with Carolina's AHL affiliate, the Charlotte Checkers.

  2. Wakeup Call: Manny Malhotra's still job-hunting


    Wed, 17 Jul 2013

    Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Wednesday, July 17.

  3. 7.1: Doug Wilson, RAW


    Thu, 1 Jul 2010

    at a couple of veteran guys that are here and the three that are here it never obviously I'm Rob Blake and with Manny malhotra . And nannies case we're very happy form team to get the contract if you did. But now I have and pitcher who

  4. 6.22: Doug Wilson on Chronicle Live


    Wed, 23 Jun 2010

    s how we spend their dollars is a lot of contracts and trying to do and a whether joke for Belsky patty Marleau Manny malhotra Scott nickel. That's part of under the system how you dedicate your dollars and always try to do as this is make

  5. 5.21: Manny Malhotra , RAW


    Sat, 22 May 2010

    We thought well I and when you last in its old. Intelligently as Nothing to lose today he It's well. Isn't he the moment the world. I was going to it's. Itself. As it's. It's. Mean sure. What you do. Denny would commemorate this situation before me. These things not. We breaking down It's. limited

  6. Getting pucks in deep. Regardless of You're hitting that check and I think our our Veterans Stadium and put pressure on him getting pucks. Being physical and in traffic and and that's what it Yeah we did a good job. And establishing that the complaint is always some time we could have finished. Not

  7. 4.13: Manny Malhotra , RAW


    Wed, 14 Apr 2010

    And you know. Post season series especially this morning Avalanche in the wanna put the pressure on the other team right but instead it's certainly not a healthy pressure though that there you want this in the field. And that's and driving us all season long as it's internal pressure we have

  8. 4.2: Highlights- Sharks vs. Wild


    Fri, 2 Apr 2010

    final score. Benny the bomb bomb the winner in this 127. Saves and it was back to 25 saves. For the Minnesota Wild Manny malhotra has thirteen on the season. Thanks to Rob Blake for two assists on the night.

  9. 3.4: Highlights- Canadiens vs Sharks


    Fri, 5 Mar 2010

    puck went on. And who studied so hard she got washed out play. But if any good comes out of the Sharks ignited. Manny malhotra well that's the heatley deflection off the shot it's 22. Yet that's what they need as it is our way to click

  10. Basically we yeah we haven't been nice getting when he wanted to as of late so winning is obviously priority but is that the game appeared streaks you're sticking up for one another. To get the win is obviously the best ways to get to them. You get to what a frustrating sixty minutes a hot again I

  11. adjustments and we can. Maturity team building team in the summertime it's the only progress. And records that Manny malhotra back market your future. You need fuel in and it's it's in illustrious twelve players that we have a lot of changes

  12. Hybrid Brazil incited sharks' dressing room here charts thanks alongside. Manning and hold true It's got both his skates off and the Sox anywhere to be seen. Made a system you've always been doing Agassi. Hate that feeling I so agree that's an boats off. The same thing electric it's what's. So this

  13. about the bad guys and third period about five minutes in the Rob Blake. Just inside the Blue Line fires redirect by Manny malhotra and that's hard work come back. know coming back from a three goal deficit against this team says something about

  14. Lighter side it seemed like maybe there was a little bit of confusion between you and Joe who actually got the last touch on the ankle W were you sure it was worse. I know I touch the first I am not sure if it compounds lower than adults so mature. Tonight's game bittersweet obviously has played a

  15. I was more just trying to hold the change and then not allowed quick confident. Morris on back police and a Toulouse have been through omission pennants but just. Saw the opportunity happen. Have come and play nor does is great communication my past say I didn't see them right away but I just heard

  16. 1.15: Manny Malhotra , RAW


    Fri, 15 Jan 2010

    Yeah. Hey it's. A lot of nervous energy just excited about Carolina medical. Just getting over. That mental hurdle for myself and better. This after future. It's. I I don't know on a daily basis. I had some weird. I don't know as anticipated They may have just. You play it. That's hockey. Have you

  17. Manny Malhotra talks with reporters after his goal sent the game to overtime, only to lose to the Kings 5-4.

  18. Manny Malhotra with Brodie Brazil.

  19. 11.7: Penguins vs Sharks Rewind


    Sun, 8 Nov 2009

    Two for roughing two for instigating a game misconduct meanwhile played continues in the Sharks get. Courtesy of Manny malhotra he hit different shots to score. and Eric go ahead.

  20. 10.28: Manny Malhotra


    Wed, 28 Oct 2009

    Brodie Brazil talks with Manny Malhotra after he scored two goals in his previous game.