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Greg 'Puck Daddy' Wyshynski breaks down NHL playoffs



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Wed, 5 Jun 2013|

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Talk NHL playoffs Greg which means he is the puck daddy. All right Greg let's start with pens and Bruins pens are down two games to none is it must win time for Pittsburgh. Obsolete it's not completely must win time and don't even know they can win to be out to -- it looked so terrible in game two. They looked overmatched and then when they got overmatched looked disinterested. I'd never seen a Sidney Crosby team fall apart the way that they did in game two against the Bruins who right now have the complete upper hand in this series they've had a lot of goaltending problems how much does that surprise you. It surprised me a bit I mean we have to remember that Marc-Andre Fleury was complete sieve against the Philadelphia Flyers last year up post season as well. This time it was a bit of a surprise to see him fall apart. But Kuhn carried them through a couple of rounds give him competent goaltending. But I felt you know coming in the game three of them might put it back to flurry he had of a -- one record in his last five games of Boston. Over -- 950 save percentage and I felt like. You know -- Dan bile -- was gonna get this Penguins seem to rally in this series it was going to be with the veterans that won a cup there and Fleury is one of those guys so I have to imagine that what happened is that he pulled the locker room -- -- confidence -- flurry and they went back and said now give us -- because that's the only reason to put forward back in the game -- and making three let's move to the west Blackhawks in the case this doesn't go seven. -- I think so absolutely not pick it before the series with the Blackhawks in seven that's because I felt like the kings and the Blackhawks would both hold serve on home ice throughout the series the kings look at the really different team at home. They're ready to play almost like a road game on home ice a real defensive style and Jonathan Quick is impenetrable at home I mean we're talking about a over a dozen games in a row they won at Staples Center. So I feel like they're gonna even the series come back to Chicago and the -- bing bang boom all the way to game seven unfortunate for the kings unlike the previous round against San Jose. They're gonna run out of runway here that the Blackhawks have game seven on home ice and I think that close this thing out play for the cup. Greg this your first chance to be our puck daddy on Yahoo! Sports talk live and -- read your bio in this is -- getting to know you segment says you like to enjoy an occasional adult beverage from time to time. So as we get ready for a little pens and Bruins what goes well with Eastern Conference finals what are you gonna be a tipping tonight but at a. Well I suppose for the Boston Bruins at Penguins series you might go with a little Sam Adams a liar and city action got a touchdown over in the Western Conference Chicago and LA that's straight Scott that's a brutal series make it I harsh. On it old Scotch the it will burn your -- because that's a brutal what's -- -- that's a good call on both angles -- myself go Crown Royal when it goes the NHL playoffs that's -- league's sponsor like to stick with the sponsors a good call on your part. Greg Rusedski is the puck daddy thanks for joining us here -- got a sports thought -- -- --

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