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Thu, 21 Jun 2012|

Kevin Kurz examines all of the Sharks' options at this weekend's NHL Entry Draft.


Machine Generated Transcript

Policies and changes maybe a spot as the NHL entry draft takes place on Friday and Saturday in Pittsburgh check out. -- CSN Bay Area -- got Sharks insider Kevin offers his latest as he has is. NHL entry draft needed to know is that I -- that today welcomed back Greg Papa in studio at San Francisco mobile there's a cabinet. In Pittsburgh so that the Sharks are gonna have the seventeenth overall pick. In the draft this weekend they had not chosen this hi -- since -- 2007 when they took Logan Couture what kind of player could they possibly get a number seventeen. Well at seventeen you're not necessarily looking for guys going to be able to jump in the lineup freeway usually -- -- really only the top guys are able to do that. What would you look at force a guy that maybe you can develop whether he goes back to juniors and then eventually the minor leagues where. He can help your NHL club but not three or four years down the line so. The Sharks they also have the fifty -- package is the first time they've had two picks that high since 2007. And they're really they they've got to start stockpiling stockpiling their farm system again here because it's pretty -- right now and when I would expect him to do list is to look for some scoring wingers. Some scoring types obviously we know the aging core of the -- the morals are getting any younger at some points are gonna need the young guys to come up until those holes up. I'm expecting the Sharks go for a scorer type. Has figured Jumbo Joseph and -- in your column today you did note the NHL entry draft is back to Pittsburgh for the first time since 97 when jolt went number one to Boston -- course number two to the Sharks. Possible big changes in the offseason do you see. Anyway the Sharks traded. Joseph Thornton nick and or Patrick Marleau. Thorn definitely not to meet Joseph Thornton was the most important player down the stretch he would he was very good when the team was scuffling and instead of trying to get in the playoffs and then also in the post season. Marleau of course was the opposite -- only had four -- I think it was in the final two point seven games counting the playoffs and no points and a and a playoff series but. He also has a no movement clause so -- do I expect them until I expect them to move -- no. Do I think they should should consider yes but. -- to draft the big name that it's gonna come up time and time again is going to be Rick Nash and coming up since late February the Sharks have been mentioned in those rumors. But I still think the Sharks are a longshot for Rick Nash -- Columbus bit sources are still telling me what from what I'm hearing is that. Columbus is insisting on Logan Couture an order for Rick Nash to the Sharks still get done. And look to torch is a non starter for San Jose so I think the Sharks are real long shot to get Rick Nash and and I think -- to go somewhere else yeah. Then make him better to trade Logan Couture is a much younger player that Rick Nash can't move. Yet doesn't which is why I think Wilson it doesn't is it's a non starter for him in not to mention Nash makes. Close to seven million a year curve for the next several years and and I don't think they'd be willing to take on that salary without unless they can get away to move. This at a six point nine million Amaro makes but I just I still see that happening that's too many pieces that to fall on the place. I just days ago the GM and just everybody that he is gonna bring back the head coach Todd McLellan I'll be back for his fifth year on the -- it was is that least successful year both in the regular season after winning game one against Saint Louis they lost the next four to go out. In the first round the curious thing in me is that Wilson said he held off the formality of announcing it. -- clemens' return in part because he wanted to make sure that they coach had a full recovery from neck concussion. He suffered in March when he was advised that so my question is. Was she coaching the remainder of the year and the playoffs with post concussion syndrome Kevin. I don't think there's any doubt we -- remember when McClellan got hit in Minnesota at the end of that miserable road trip the Sharks have. But then what what was a little lesser known as he got -- again not as hard -- by Joseph Thornton about four weeks later in. And that's not even said during the Saint Louis series he was still suffering from headaches and those concussion like -- spots and some sub. I don't think he was expecting his performance at all -- the head coach -- the playoffs but. The same time we -- -- called on Monday and he looks healthier any -- is lost some weight and and he looks like he's back in and he's fine now he's going to be fine for the start of the year it's it's odd to talk about a coach suffering from concussion problems we -- concussion problems that. All these players but it was certainly still affecting McLellan the first round series against Saint Louis. -- characters joining us live from Pittsburgh decide this weekend starting at Friday's NHL entry draft Kevin enjoy yourself in check out that statue of -- Mario LeMieux that you wrote about -- rights outside the consul energy of senator.

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