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8.8: Chronicle Conversation -- Chris Mullin Pt. 4



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Tue, 9 Aug 2011|

Mullin reminisces about 'Run TMC' and says it was the most fun he ever had playing basketball.


Machine Generated Transcript

Yeah some of the greatest players in the history of -- -- -- play for the Warriors will -- Reagan -- that moment is right up there with all of them -- during a five year run late eighties through the early ninety's Christian averaged 25 points a game. And five rebounds a game the Warriors made the playoffs every. Single He would welcome back to our special addition to chronicle live or truck into the hall of fame inductees not going and yet but He will on Friday night in Springfield Massachusetts. Mitch Richmond. When He arrived in 1988. Kansas State seem like you really changed the whole complexion of the franchise you guys are best friends to this day. What what did He do for the or your franchise when when the rock became your team makers. They just gave us that marked the top -- two guard that can compete. Not compete dominate his position every night maybe only other player we've talked about was Michael Jordan and Marc enjoy respects him so much every other night. We had a mismatch an advantage that we can take care. And Mitch. He's going off and probably next year I think is resonating. Is all for him as well written all over. Season when my best friends we only played three years ago I can't believe isn't -- so much talent I think so it was so much why they trade him I don't know. I was pessimistic killed me killed -- killed the 200. But what a great player what a great guy. You know he's the least -- -- we first met. 1988 He was on the Olympic team. I was with a group NBA players playing against them in exhibition game against an Olympic team. And that's the first summer song that used such a player got better every single year competed every night. Justices -- great teammate great player. Hall of fame guard offense where. I'll also change your role because you you played big guard your first couple years in the NBA sleepy Floyd was the point guard you were the author of -- draft -- she's going to be that you guard you move just. To small forward did that help you do you think during those years to play the three ineptitude. Absolutely you know where we're -- got here too He was so big and strong He can play in the Pau is our best post player. So here were when Mitch got here. That help me get better. Lay around when Tim got here those guys -- -- -- divorced and how good both those players were. Know Mitch Richmond was right up through Michael Jordan that He was a Michael Jordan for the next level below him which is something that's that's a high level. Tim -- where He was so good until about Derrick Rose. And Russell Westbrook. In all these great point guards now literally I was in Ottawa. He was on garbled. So quick. He would He would blow by his man pat will. Get the pain shoot runners. Off the glass He can shoot the three. You talk about a guy with confidence. He would do all that stuff and let you know about it and sort of the whole -- -- know about it. And you know we're just it was a three guys. With different basketball talents different personalities. But it just worked it just mesh together. And who's the most fun I ever have -- about what was -- -- fun. You know practice. You know -- in our -- together just you know we became great friends. We won ball games. And then we just have a ball playing here. You won you make the playoffs five straight years the best year was the 55 win season in 91 and two we were upset by Shawn Camp in Seattle but the great -- and a and Elton blisters but you never made it past the second round you were never serious threat. To win an NBA title in my mind during those years and how you felt hungry are what are the league has changed it would it was post play that -- had to get through Kareem. He had to get through these great post guys. If you were playing today where the emphasis is out on the open floor more. Could raunchy and see whether the NBA championship in today's Indy the of course. That. We've been -- ring right now and give me. Tough question. But as far as I'll say that's as far as perimeter guys. And played up and down. I go I go up against anybody's Tibetan. We didn't have all the ingredients and your right to be a serious threat. But you know we had a power forward. Or senate did that make -- better than the Lakers anyway. I'm not quite sure. They're pretty they're pretty tape exists Santonio these days and also led you know Kareem and worthy right there was also gonna magic who was this guy just there was that this is the my brother Cooper this so there was there was there were perfect routine. Before what we had. And the way we play. But it but it was fun watching because Nellie would -- what the other coach how much are you regard -- Mark Eaton who's a 74 jolly Green Jana used to call you would -- -- you look at you like. How they got me very put -- -- -- Terry Cummings you guys would would fool with these bigger teams and have fun do what it. No it was greater the mismatches and the matchup said He would. Who do a lot of coaches went with -- Jerry -- very traditional. Who's gonna run has set offense who's gonna remnants of defense and plays guys just their regular minutes no matter what. And we were over there just running all sorts of stuff -- crazy lineups out there. And was fun for us we we would actually go out there would be like this creative let's let's see we can screw around this game -- that's who we can do. And you know it was it was fun basketball if it was a good time. The wars have been struggling a bit and then that the fans took. Hold of it. You know you're at -- throw me -- whose spirits who later that you know -- -- -- kind of via the comic relief He book but also very proud. Defensive shot blocker. Thank sharp for you know you're terrible but for annoyed me and we have been new behind me blocking shots and low by and an -- if we let him throw a few threes. You know low ball but you guys were tied off the court or yell at Augusta front right there yeah that was my guy congress assault. But you might have been doing to do it was also was the early today at the Boston garden and I'm not quite sure Larry played that game it was his team. But Ainge. On the count Dennis Johnson -- myself rod bunch you know good players. Who wins again with three point shot. Duty when new ball Don Nelson 600 which one. Are they so I was -- so environment to pull through. Parent but -- felt like He had to get bigger and during the NBA the way it was -- -- handers we traded Mitch for Billy Owens and Don Nelson said that -- But while ago -- said it was the biggest mistake he's made as a coach but He tried to get bigger and so it goes and gets Chris Webber. And this is where the dynamic of it really kind of seemingly change now -- is probably the best big guy you ever played with in your career -- correct or no question why didn't it work whether it was with Nelson or somebody else what I didn't that chemistry. Worked together. I don't stand -- -- really don't. She was a personal thing because where his talent speaks for itself. -- know the hall of fame player who. Only got to play with him for one year is so where's your day was the best big guy played with. And you know I was thinking more center I said Rick -- and Indiana but as far as the best most most talented. You know 45 no question Chris wherever you would think they'll be the perfect fit. They even if there was differences He was so good it didn't matter. But there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes contracts -- -- it was not basketball talent to fit in the in the roster that was not just tip. Hardaway tore his ACL that year and they brought in the great Avery Johnson and -- coach of the New Jersey Nets to me that all changed the dynamic for now the locker room wasn't Mullen. Hardaway it was -- spree will have Hardaway not blown his knee out could the veteran core you guys kept that team away. From Webber and -- well and kept it together longer. I would think so there was there was a consistency that we had here. There was taken away your -- -- the government had -- -- surgery -- some consumers out and so it was a changing of the guard. But all those things. Are all factors to me. Who's losing this rich Mitch Richmond that was the rookie and nothing against because -- love Billy Owens admissibility of -- a million -- type. But when you have a group of guys like that. Howard always trying to add to that as opposed to go to their cool maybe given -- years who but that's not what happened you always deal with. -- you know decisions like that and it was a tough decision for no intimate and you have to you have to you have to move on you can't kennel resentments. But to me because within the play -- thought it was good we got inside we just did you lose a few current and -- was -- I can't remember who came through here but to me. It's just who started and with Mitch Richmond opening night 91 in Denver remember what He traded -- it did He tell you ahead of time that He -- vice -- trade makes you never. Never saw some of the leader of the team shot -- shot from Aramis can Amaro. And not from our door. There was very robust -- -- -- -- some young votes so if you do my door. Is it shock you in shock it was it was a hard. It was hard for us who's really really off -- -- He was happy. Knowing this is in his rookie year than in actually average to you know he's the guy I was. Anyone wanna him on this team you know go like Mitch Richmond and -- so all those are things that went on after that. You know I always try to back to Mitch Richmond.

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