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Sun, 30 Jun 2013|

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Good to have you with us here at CSN Bay Area dot com Brodie Brazil Kevin Carter's time to talk a little Sharks yes we're. Midway through the off season but obviously a lot going on the Sharks have locked up Logan could sure Jason diversity in judicial -- Probably working on -- for Belsky right now with Dan Boyle Joseph Thornton Patrick Marleau entering their. Last contract here what do you think is next for San Jose before July 5. When everybody's free agents while. They get a start by getting. Can't Kennedy signed the new guy TGI LE RD and Miller are fair -- I would imagine they're gonna qualify both those guys try to get them signed it USA market. They're going into the July 5 I really don't see them being very active I think now they've got Tyler Kennedy. I imagine they're gonna try to keep TJ -- -- they're really up against salary cap and they probably have to clear money there as it is especially Thomas journalism making the team so. I really don't expect too much action from them. In terms of looking in into a free agent. My as I said I think the Kennedy thing kind of kind of answered that question today they got their Winger. It just came be mature via trades -- free agency so. That's the way SEC and I see things right now you think getting Joba Belsky sign an extension is probably now the top of their list moving forward here. It's an interesting dynamic for Tyler Kennedy played always gains in the NHL with the Pittsburgh Penguins now being. Sent away from that franchise that's always a tough thing for the first time and a and a young guy's career. With that said he seems pretty warm about the idea of coming to San Jose and having a fresh start. Yeah especially when he is healthy scratch in the playoffs and I think we you know you're on the conference call -- I got the pressure a little bit that he didn't. But really appreciate being healthy scratch in the playoffs and and any kind of set as much he didn't know why he said will really gonna have to ask them I I think I mean I play well the playoffs like they were good players has been and I'm paraphrasing a little bit but. I think for him it was certainly wasn't any surprise that he got traded it seemed like that they kind of told them as much and his exit meetings and yeah I think a fresh start for him will will be good and I think I think he wants to play here and I would imagine it's it's gonna be. A contract thickest on pretty quickly -- Sharks came into the NHL draft with four picks in the first two rounds in the actually had the twentieth overall as their first selection. But right before the eighteenth pick -- -- to trade with Detroit they sent away two selections to move up two spots and get a Miracle -- the defenseman. So we must have really wanted him. In that moment why do you think they went and jumped after him at that time. Well they obviously had this guy ranked pretty high in their list. You know teams know generally where they're gonna pick and they have a list of guys. Slaughtered oh yes they like so so to me I would imagine that they had Marco Mueller or. Burke merger it merely at where we're still figuring that a lot of -- Exactly the they must have had a pretty highly ranked that we haven't spoken to Doug Wilson just yet. Of course he's gonna be the guy that they wanted me targeted all along this does sort of he's old Vietnam. I think I think the proof is there that they did they did want this guy. Giving up the second round picks to move up two spots is that's a steep price and I think. Did microscopes going to be no no pun intend that the microscopes gonna be on Murton Mirko. -- a couple years because. The Sharks to give up a pretty big asset in order to get him. Yeah we cannot win without talking about Marty how glad we just found out recently. Had pelvic surgery reconstructive pelvic surgery that's obviously a major operation it means Marty's probably going to miss training camp probably going to miss. Most of the beginning portion of next NHL season now that means that the Sharks. Cannot buy out his contract because he's injured. It also now means -- Mardy is gonna go on the long term injured reserve and maybe that's a way for the Sharks to circumvent. Some salary cap issues as the cap actually goes down to start this. Yeah as I as I mentioned before with the with the Kennedy deal and I would imagine they wanted to -- RD done they're gonna be right up against the captain and and may be. They are anticipating have -- going along Terry long term injury and freeing up some salary cap space -- their little the more flexible player but. I don't think Marty's gonna play another game for the Sharks. Not necessarily because injury I don't think he fits in here with the the way Todd -- play I think it was a real frustration with him. From the coaching staff from the organization we saw a lot of signs. Once the playoffs that are -- that that that the team might not have been very happy with himself. I don't think -- is gonna play another game and also. The Sharks can still use that compliance -- out next summer. Come so so so to me if I had to guess and this is just lot of guess work on my part. I don't think he's gonna play this year things -- gonna hope that he's fully healthy next summer and then they buy him out there the long term injured reserve route. Media would win for both parties keeps the value from Marty high. And he keeps the Sharks and good situation money wise right yeah and you know maybe they can try to trade him if he gets healthy. This time next year. -- -- they can try to trade him and try to get some sort -- form. But I don't think he's gonna play for the team next year and the if if they can use that money. In order to it to maybe sign another player just at least have some salary cap flexibility. I think that'll be important certainly will be itching to see what July 5 brings not only that day but before it and maybe even right after it for counters and Brodie Brazil. -- --

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  1. Good to have you with us here at CSN Bay Area dot com Brodie Brazil Kevin Carter's time to talk a little Sharks yes we're. Midway through the off season but obviously a lot going on the Sharks have locked up Logan could sure Jason diversity in judicial Probably working on for Belsky right now with

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