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Stars- 3/3/09



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  2. Chicago Blackhawks2:59
  3. Stanley Cup0:13
  4. The Blue Line1:35
  5. Todd McLellan2:34
  6. Stanley Cup finals3:08
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  8. Sharks1:37, 2:28
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  10. conference finals2:47
Thu, 22 Sep 2011|

CSN's newest Insider has the latest on injuries to two Sharks goaltenders.


Machine Generated Transcript

What can we expect from you and what can fans expect from you on the website. Just look in the sport again now there and and current team that's been a perennial Stanley Cup contender for the last couple years. So really just ready to go. Already a team I'm sure. -- -- Kevin ready to have you but thanks for joining us -- that -- jump into us our sake of the season just around the corner. Goalie anti Niemi might not be ready for opening day October 8 to -- to -- Cyst in his back and what does this do the top McClellan and and his plans had to get off. On the good foot and try to defend that Western Conference title. Well it felt like the -- injury really isn't. As serious as as it could be I think the -- bigger concern is that Internet. -- is going to be out for potentially the rest of the Calgary years so. You know Niemi started 34 games in a row last year in the second half of the season. That's not something your own doing right out of the -- This season you're gonna need an experienced back up. Thomas -- spent last season in Sweden. Prospect Alex they -- is on the shelf until February so. There's a good chance Doug Wilson may have to go out and get event veteran goalie to fit in that backup role until Niemi gets healthy. Marty Turco is one guy that's out there looking for jobs so He could be a possibility that Marty Turco and the team -- sweater that might be it's -- Doug Wilson has done hey you missed out this offseason really include improving. The Blue Line now what kind of grade would you give the Sharks this past offseason. I think He got to give whom I would give them a B plus I guess. Somewhere around there for Brent Burns was. If it was it was incumbent. Upon Wilson got to get a top defenseman. Brent Burns fits the bill he's gonna help. Not only a defense side of hockey can contribute on offense. He's gonna help the penalty kill. The penalty kills one area that they really strong there last year I think they finished 24 out of thirty in the and the PK so. Look for Brent Burns Michael hands is another guy. Steady third line center not flashy but another -- they help the penalty kill. And Martin have a lot of course. They were losing Heatley said Iguchi have what's gonna have to be guys that comes in and produces and and He can be game breaker at times when he's on his game. As a top two lines are pretty set in stone for the San Jose Sharks often it's not a problem defense was the season ago with that say what kind of pressure. Is on the head coach Todd McLellan have to get into the Western Conference finals the past two years. But nothing after that Kevin. Yeah obviously there's pressure on a head coach every year. But getting the conference finals two years in a row it is it's still pretty good accomplishment so I wouldn't say the pressures to -- just yet. You know -- You could say the bank corporate conduct for probably a better team in San Jose it was last year in the Chicago Blackhawks -- probably better team in San Jose in 2010. But that being said this is probably -- as best team on Paper since He took over so anything short of Stanley Cup finals as everyone knows is going to be viewed as disappointment. They Kevin solid effort to right out of the box that come into you from Philadelphia can't wait to have you here in the Bay Area and we appreciate your information thanks --

Video Results

  1. 12.30: Hilights -- Sharks 5, Blackhawks 3

    Stanley just months. Go at least. These days first period Marty Turco was charged that minor little out of position well he ..... see. What you could sure fire the war room the priest Marty Turco just does not get his hands on it either way the shirts

  2. 9.22: New Sharks Insider Kevin Kurz on the goalie situation

    to fit in that backup role until Niemi gets healthy. Marty Turco is one guy that's out there looking for jobs so He could be a possibility that Marty Turco and the team sweater that might be it's Doug Wilson

  3. 3.16: Bakes Takes- Dallas Stars

    outing and beat the San Jose Sharks now San Jose's fare well here in Dallas the last few years. But you know that Marty Turco and are gonna try and play their best tonight to San Jose has to be ready for desperate. But struggling Dallas Stars

  4. 12.11: Drew and Randy Postgame Wrap

    exercise but. Again the Sharks have a lead in the third period couldn't hold that lead and then just couldn't beat Marty Turco who matched the even though now be faced a lot more shots tonight. On the positive side you gain a blocked off a big

  1. Curry: 'We fought hard'


    Tue, 30 Apr 2013

    it and not let it faze him much I don't think you did to the course again. I expect the same thing they can. Tell you. Turco may mean you're going to pay my own business and they come I don't know tend to have those suffered I guess is is. Gotta

  2. Kyle said it up with the with the punt returns are just a lot of good things that. It happened. You know start with public Turco made a big kick return and it. net play and then captain makes the big run. And then David Akers misses off 63 yard field

  3. When he's not in there in some ways you pick them up and tonight we just swung the bats well you know Sanchez and it. Game Turco good game. Use this isn't. About him yesterday evening and this is an epic. Point five guys. Nine guys in there today

  4. Bochy: 'It's good to get early runs'


    Tue, 26 Jun 2012

    white terms. Yeah I mean here. girls side here. You know which took about pretty good victories you could finish the game was Turco figures in. Soon. To be thinking games. At this point and world that are where we were. Could be in this situation there

  5. Everyday Jobs -- Dorell Wright Pt. 1


    Wed, 15 Feb 2012

    convinced of that today. Without And then we're gonna have afterwards wrestle you You know. I had been doing pretty good Turco from the work him over. Yeah man that's where it turns around. got one last step Boca we've got to keep you working get

  6. 7.28: SFG/PHI postgame -- Bruce Bochy


    Fri, 29 Jul 2011

    It looked like ones aren't here it's all what Gary was Turco . We have someone you've been here there and we're preparing to go find that you could go back out there. Couldn't think

  7. 4.12: LAD/SFG postgame -- Bruce Bochy


    Wed, 13 Apr 2011

    you can give him pitches but he was strong and even. In. Morrow pitches girl he had been thrown still agree stuff and swim Turco made sure he was fine future was. Made some good pitches. On the agreement human important importantly give them Foreman motorists

  8. 12.26: IND/OAK postgame -- Tom Cable


    Sun, 26 Dec 2010

    Okay the only injury issues there nobody game the feds go over the Turco . Those refused other knee contusion. Mike disorder and match on the security hip pointer but it but it finished it and sort of

  9. 11.24: CHI/SJS Game Highlights


    Thu, 25 Nov 2010

    the box for cross checking about the Sharks on the power play Chicago giveaway. You get in the elbow wrist and beat Marty Turco I'll his seventh goal of the season three runs aren't thinking pain free chipping or. Early Patrick Marleau the

  10. record and and have a type of competency Vietnam and and and have him come through the it. You know why would we never went Turco . You're there it seemed like every series we we say this is a big the battle and get. this point he could the big game scores

  11. there. You know how how does that play into account that you hear it usually gets. That's just something. This is something Turco actually being here because I need to be here could lose most supporting me. And they couldn't time or else in the weight

  12. It's a system that ends up making that selection we got. We have all our supervisors in there as I said Doug preach Paul Turco junior John Barry Jones strained dictate journal. Bobby Evans Jeremy Shelley's the whole group Adam meetings in there. And

  13. 3.25: Highlights- Stars vs Sharks


    Fri, 26 Mar 2010

    his first victory since the last homestand of course in Minnesota in early on it it was all about vulnerabilities Nabokov and Turco it was This isn't the big game was. They basically. The first very vehicle but we're thinking about seven. they started

  14. Prior in the Turco . for and receiving it sucks that it was a brightest America. that you dental school actually changed lives are you where you

  15. 12.11: Todd McLellan, RAW


    Sat, 12 Dec 2009

    said earlier starters it's very disappointing. If you know it's it's a little bit typical of the night I think Marty Turco poke checked us for five times in a row. You know we get the parking close to him like if on the bench and watch and

  16. 12.11: DAL/SJS Pregame- Todd McLellan


    Fri, 11 Dec 2009

    rush a little bit more prepared to go on little more. 04 man attack purses of three gonna talk. And again I talked all Marty Turco factors not the fact that that'll stop the puck on at any given moment but the fact that he can play it. Almost acts

  17. 12.11: DAL/SJS Pregame- Joe Pavelski


    Fri, 11 Dec 2009

    what's gone against targets in there some inherited but. They were not over lost the year so we gotta be ready him down. Turco is your goalie handles Rockwell and it's got to keep away from him south shirt or jacket and establish our game that we don

  18. things they like to force you into making god don't like this Turco . Is the best play making goalie best goal as far as playing ..... when they do have to dump the puck in the wanna keep away from Turco . Thirteen for San Jose tonight is going to be good good day

  19. 11.12: DAL/SJS Postgame- Game Rewind


    Fri, 13 Nov 2009

    purposes it ties the game as It's. As late in the again. Chance. They'll go against 35 we go today. Shot and edited Turco gets that let them out. And once again we've got to shoot out fifth of the year for San Jose they were too good to win now