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Sharks sweep in OT, end Canucks' season



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  2. Brad Stuart0:44
  3. Derek Roy0:43
  4. San Jose0:03
  5. James Sheppard2:05
  6. Mason Raymond0:29
  7. Patrick Marleau3:03
  8. power play1:13, 1:27, 1:52
  9. franchise history3:25
  10. power plant0:55
Wed, 8 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Game four Canucks Sharks San Jose looking for its first ever. Playoff sweep and would that make the little one half first period under three minutes and Brent Burns gets the deflection it just like. It's one not -- red birds of the great job to get his stick on and I talked about this won't do like it did go to -- likes beat -- far side there's -- -- -- great work by Joseph Thornton. Do the battle of the quarter getting out Manning gets to the front referred to it. -- play about five minutes later though Vancouver with a similar effort Mason Raymond gets credit. It's awfully -- of -- and the Indians what Burroughs had a great game tonight what he gets himself right in front of me every right there he can't see it. Yeah cradle it pulls off the shoulder and a great play by girls as well great screen in front he's done that all series later in the first there's the boarding by Derek Roy and Brad Stuart thank goodness Stewart returned it again. It's amazing you return to this game that was a complete head blow right there and fortunate situation does come back. Yes he does in the Sharks come back big time on the ensuing power plant and this panorama from the bills. That corner is you just throw it on and on he just turned and fired right there -- your -- off the posted in right there -- can't do anything about that it's all the guys great players like. -- -- -- Second period a ton of chances but no goals for anybody that you are seeing it in the entire period on the power play. While he had had a high stick on wiggles they're they had four minutes. In a -- that -- of the great player right there by wrapping towards. Know what you're gonna do a pep talk before -- the front -- play it was a high stick by it and couldn't capitalize. Four minute power play than they had another one later -- six minutes of man advantage but they could not. Add to the 21 lead you've figured that might come back to -- I -- here we go third period they cannot put the heat on Daniel sitting with a great chance. Did you think he. So it didn't go in. But the Canucks keep coming after it. Great puck movement since -- to Alex burrows this on a power play after. Introduce yards to the -- and yet tough mentally right there but to be -- of -- -- pearls of pearls of the fact that the whole night long did you that this -- the twins are gonna make some of them happen. Moments after that. Great save there on James Sheppard looked like the Sharks take the lead right back -- a minute later -- Alex at third -- -- and weeks three to Vancouver. There's the bad mentally right there by -- and there's the other one I'll talk about on away -- he -- -- the box and now here we are five minutes ago. Down the goal and it seemed like -- the Sharks were kind of picking up the momentum. And only fitting that the exit -- -- in the box right there is Thornton shot to cure its that it -- Belsky sticks. Great your job like Joseph Thornton think the tour gets the result pushes it over the right there. -- can't come pops out for those blitzes bodies running at the back him on a beautiful goal so we get -- hockey NHP. And here's the play outweigh those which it. Look back from a -- at real speed is pretty clean hit shoulder to shoulder hit to go -- ago muscle right they're tough break but. The Sharks make him pay all series long on the power play they -- here while Schneider shoulder put -- the legs of Patrick Marleau we saw all over the ice tonight. Gets in this loose -- first right there. And that's what his skating ability can do for him gets the overtime winner tonight the Vancouver the next season is over and our fans saying the along the -- had a maybe not Schneider's fault tonight but. There will be a lot of second guessing going on. Up north and not the sharks' problems they will certainly take -- series sweep their first in franchise history fourth read the final in game four.

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