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Marleau hits milestone in Sharks' heartbreaking loss



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Sun, 10 Mar 2013|

Matt Duchene's buzzer beater sent the Sharks away with another loss, but another point.


Machine Generated Transcript

San Jose looking for the season sweep over the absolutely. First period outburst your fault but he. Interference penalty is the the puck wasn't at his feet Cotto who oversees the bar was already gone. Very very good at them. Sharks won't kill minutes later the accident -- he gave Toronto a lot of cross slot machines. Yet here it was beautiful pass right here it usually the better finish right there one timer on our board inside them. Optional to. Machine was not done this game breaking out of the second period early in the frame market what Watson shot from point. It stopped then we'll be sure -- pretty good shot there missing just one -- -- -- this gets taken down there no call but. Beisel rebound shot there like two or this is that. Couple minutes later there Felicia great -- -- while it was crashing that you nothing. Yes we on this start -- -- Reilly drivers that it's what inside position right here answers it's just that down right there as the puck arrived great play by the Avalanche. You know patty Marleau had been stuck on 399 for all the time here -- 39 seconds left in the period. It's just involved blast from the point that -- apparently got to stick. Well -- -- Justin brought blast from the point watch Joey gets us off right away no time with the defender to get the shot -- Marleau -- -- -- perhaps market to -- -- a little reflection after about 400 career goal and all with the Sharks. Thirty players NHL history Italy and say it's worked for. Schools were one team. Midway through the third great shot hereby golden children even better -- there. Looks doubtless well halama beautiful state what would like the one for the last game that. They've -- -- -- -- -- it was a beautiful saves just like that but picture that was able to go over that. Five to go down Niemi with a nice save but the rebound was loose and how about this -- and certainly kicking the puck but. Kicking it behind his other -- showing his soccer skills right here but that's just what a heads up play. He -- there but that ship obviously here -- what do -- -- Joseph Torre. Over the tour one timer back of the net Beisel. We're checking player right here but comes off the bench or and they're just open up for that one time -- got to be ready when you're playing with Joseph -- how everybody was pitcher at this -- got everything. We take -- to OT. For -- period for both teams time winding down and Joes shot just -- the -- issue there after he -- he was just in perfect position got the puck on his forehand and snap. -- -- -- play my game is. Guys trying to do right things about it with a blockages lands him -- -- -- -- stayed out 2.4 1 o'clock. If that want to go ahead with the tough tough way to operate by the Sharks know that freeze frame of the puck crossing the goal line. -- point four will be a lot of those guys' minds I think. At least showed you that tonight and you wanna shake it off. You know drew was saying that he's -- -- -- these guys I think that's definitely true it's gonna tape while you get this taste of -- Well it will what you got the one point from last night you got one point from -- it's like when and one reason the other I think right now it's all what Albert you've got to continue to win games or get points and they're doing. That's the positive this.