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2.13: SJS/WSH game highlights



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Mon, 19 Aug 2013|

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They followed those who were rated game who world. At the ballpark the sky was -- in and then -- right Marty was wearing her lucky cat. It pop complained nineteen. Some Marty and Branyan cap on making head. Are we continue here Yahoo! Sports talk live did you know one million visits schools are probably kids -- the best thing you can do your kids is get a read. And I've got the book for you think -- thought guess this one get this what it's called Smart he Marty's got a game. Our good friend Amy genius -- Giants telecasts each and every night you're Comcast sports net Bay Area. Any G -- this book. Any G sits next week I'll amount parent -- one spoiler alert any Gutierrez until ever when your name that's it that's the nice people don't know it I don't know I think now they know what now and I am I right this is the deal with school starting this a great thing for kids isn't it. Didn't I hope so I'm not is that part of the timing of this book and why we wanted to come out. When he did is it's -- for. Most schools want some schools are in right now let them it's a good time sort of leading smarting Marty's got game but -- Marty. Hardy is. My grandmother my fat and that. I wanna today dedicate this book so her and she loves baseball more than anyone I now we always talked about baseball. And her once thought she was a Dodgers fan why don't I now want to call it I now that's half the task but. She passed away last November. This past -- November 12 and she hung in there for the Giants when their second. World Series in three years she hung an -- to see the parade and she want to see me in it. And she really wanted me to do this back and that so Mardy is my grandma. Marty is a person this is about so the inspiration kinda comes from grandma so what did you learn from grandma what is it that you are able to a part in this -- actually is. A lot of female inspiration this book for me ground my is just kind of peace and I wanted to share as much of -- as I could with people because she's not here anymore. And she meant so much to mean if you have a little bit at. That Gigi is on my kids called Harris great Graham monitors some references to GT in there as well the good guys TT being. The team to watch way too much all the teams are okay do you want that I don't want. And my mom had a huge influence in this -- because of a little girl I literally grew up on the literally feel my father coached my brother played. And my mom kept score she was the team mom. And it's I. -- very vivid memories of sitting next actually can still. Feel car I can feel sitting next to her. And she had horrible heat fever right during the summer months. And she would hold these wet wash class filled with ice on our -- is because there was so swollen from surely it's -- -- I -- you're talking -- yet. I would help Archie score because sometimes she'd be reading your eye is there but that my favorite part was salaries if the team scored she let me color an indictment sell. I I have very very fond memories and I wanted to put that in the book. You could be coming up some interest to admit scrubs -- -- Head of getting into sports I'm not sure I didn't I don't either I don't either I'll try it what about your young gal. You could do that. Knuble and sex and I'm that you have a nice job he can be an ophthalmologist in the day -- very young what do you hear from people who single. Well so far so good and I'm not sure whose gonna read the book and tell me bad things at least the people that I -- where he's in the way he gets touched a lot of people they read it even ballplayers are. Touched by yeah I had a really did reaction Fran Giants players and and it means a lot to me because I pride myself on having a very respectful relationship with the team I don't. Ask anything ever and it took a lot of gumption to ask some of these guys to read the book and and share time quotes about the book. Javier Lopez actually proof read the book for me he was not happy about. Apart in the book I look I'm just really good at bats that they see if you think you're lucky if they're out why Javier Lopez is not. Real happy to Atlanta and cooking hey I'm Dave and I need seen in helping me promote it but also. I'm enjoying the topic that you know they've both score the games they scored so differently from each other. They love that part of the game and so I and that I I get more people when I am working. Mean surprised that I'm scoring game line Bob and around AT&T park they cannot believe that and. Score that's difficult. That is difficult because I -- you do and general while walking around you watching I feel like caveat he got a lot of things going on -- a great job with your job then keep an open it. So -- -- got game the name of the book. Great book and because baseball such generational thing that's really deeply up an important story that not only from Maine EG but for all of you at home -- so -- and signings coming up we're gonna be. A -- so obvious when he -- for gonna go down to attend his age and and and visit our class a ball club have signing there. And the next day at -- gardens which isn't -- back to pull up I where I live in Illinois today. Action and then September 8 trinity and San Francisco out of books are called green apple. And there's more signings and that and and police are kind of firming up the details everybody can go in anybody's interested her. Wondering if I'm coming to their town Marty Marty Scott game is on FaceBook and portions of the proceeds. Thank. Questions that portion of the proceeds from the book will go to the Ching -- and such is the Giants community -- flagship. Program that helps kids in underserved. Areas area and well beyond play --

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