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1.24: Former Shark Jeremy Roenick Talks Golf, Hockey from Bob Hope Classic (Video courtesy Golf Channel)



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Sun, 13 Oct 2013|

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-- QB and equally guys that are answers for the game you guys measure so where you. Based on that all those things. They were clueless you know. But you know you play good football teams. Group books in America zone judgment. The reason why there's six point. Because. Undergo season long they -- people's mistakes in the game. Given themselves as to when and so we've we made those states have. Welcome Lopes. -- is -- gay India you know we came in and week out the defense you know comes here and solid and give the offense. Kind of its consistent there. And I don't point fingers. What is important and most of the times with so few. We only two goals you know -- A couple of plays to get close. And Ramon Sosa so we go teams to do goals during games like this and where it's really -- battles. Because even though Modano -- a little bit opens Retief. So that means that did defense and we do it. And that. -- Yeah we've -- we talked about week you know on the rule must come. -- inning games on the road and start off slow. Teams. Points. -- star recruit. -- was impressive. Ego teams do practice. I don't think we do so yeah it drove me. Did you know we -- ball it was sort view. And it takes a couple of plays to get done it did you go home field goals -- Stupid like you know. It was -- to control. It. Opportunities to see you know do -- and do it definitely didn't come out and things like that couldn't. And to. Think without clay. Obviously -- touchdown resulted in the PI from Haden. Other then he came back in the second half you guys -- you forced a fumble and then we recovered it wouldn't say baby about his development. Does that keep -- But it you know as a as a as a quarterback you gonna get those calls here it's did you feel whoever's gonna -- -- invest -- those calls it. UK equipment and we know he's influenced him it was a huge play when there were driving down we did the moment. But we gotta do and capitalize -- plays that moment like that well and -- we weren't able to do. It. -- Yeah they do one I don't know that you know. It was so it. Clinton. Doesn't. You know limits please do. Our jobs. And two in two -- and do. -- -- got into Q and we didn't. You're a leader on this team and -- EC Salter you know he got second bit I think nine times and threw a three picks. What can you tell what advice can you give him. Well you know it took to Rose still -- and this is a good end of a movie room -- better from. You know I noticed -- -- -- you know watching an hour days he's always personnel it's about it. You know whether -- Washington more whenever it got worse off and you're gonna have days like this at the quarterback has. It was not just because zones that -- not gonna make excuses for -- room but will we we we expect him to give them. We know we will and we expect things to them. -- --

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