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12.13: SJS/COL -- game highlights



  1. Milan Hejduk0:46
  2. Dan Boyle0:16
  3. Sharks0:01, 0:13, 1:29
  4. Avalanche0:02, 1:24
  5. San Jose0:32, 1:18
  6. Winchester1:21
  7. Colorado0:12, 0:50
  8. power play0:15, 0:45
Wed, 14 Dec 2011|

Avalanche 4, Sharks 3 (SO)


Machine Generated Transcript

Sharks visit the Avalanche have they have lost six of the last -- as mentioned. -- -- -- Elliott wrists one past and Jimmy -- Nothing Colorado to a bad sign for the Sharks jumped to the second. Sox in the power play Dan Boyle shot -- again deflects off six gold this month the game is tied. At one. Later in the second. -- steps up. And puck -- -- not anymore -- second of the year make it 21 San Jose jumped to the third period Daniel Winnick. Picks up the rebound. And we have a wraparound. The game is tied at two little later in the third ads on the power play Milan Hejduk the -- he's saying. That's a -- Colorado takes 832. Lead. Sox need some of the thirty left to play low in consumer find Patrick Marmol for the equalizer. No scoring an overtime so we head to the suit up. -- -- We'll tell me the score to send -- an artist rosters get -- -- not over yet. Fifth round now dig real Landis got finds -- fine between. It puts the pressure of San Jose but some necks and they shooter Brad Winchester. That rings off the goal posts. Avalanche get the win in the suit out more victory over the soft so the Sharks. Tied a season high losing streak losing 43 is dominant -- out info on fifteen sand and Green now have lost. Six seven of their last nine games Dan -- wouldn't go as this plus two. On the plus minus average but still this is not the way this Sharks want to get out of it.

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    patty Marleau up without they did anything. Late scratch with an undisclosed injury so many notebooks the top line Milan Hejduk collided with Paul Stastny. Innovative gets in the jockey was done for the night that he looked like he was obviously