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Down two goals in third, Sharks force OT, win in shootout



  1. Logan Couture0:16, 0:37
  2. San Jose0:02
  3. John Ward0:27
  4. Nick Schultz0:22
  5. Sharks0:33, 0:45, 0:52
  6. Edmonton0:56
  7. penalty box0:23
  8. power play0:08, 0:40
Thu, 21 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Johnson oil San Jose has won the first two meetings with the that and a -- First period on the power play. Sam Gagne slap pass -- the -- nothing Oilers later in the period and Martin have let -- when I'm -- Logan Couture there he's credited with the goal. Game all tied up 11 later in the second we go to Nick Schultz out of the penalty box throw that on that. Usually good idea John Ward off -- to want to Oilers it was 31 in the third not looking good for the Sharks. On the comeback trail here -- lose out in front Logan Couture from the end boy -- Got a power play goal. Second goal of the game now minutes later Sharks is forcing a turnover Tommy win -- -- one by Devin. Didn't do that right there game is all tied up Sharks now. If this would take a flashback. Last played Edmonton on January 31 one at home in a shoot out capped by Dan -- game winner will we have deja. Turns down a goal -- birds. And he -- going got it. And then -- with a chance to weigh in didn't we have Dave's job. Gamble. It's happening I'm.

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