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4.29: DET/SJS postgame -- Nicklas Lidstrom



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  4. Nicklas Lidstrom3:38
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Wed, 3 Aug 2011|

With a flurry of recent Sharks moves, it's time to look ahead to the upcoming season with two Sharks analysts.


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Are joined by not only the the beard lists Randy but the the hit list Randy how -- -- It starts that he's wearing shorts so it makes you really don't know. Yeah you gotta go higher. How high can go back look at those legs legs and ready on ideally everybody has legs of that inning Ginobili they play I don't -- -- but Manuel put it on the bike and I'm comfortable in my own skin -- Cliff yeah I was in your stick myself I'm very comfortable -- -- -- go to radio -- -- I'm very good it's never a bad time to talk about hockey and right here in the middle of August it's it's just hockey all around us have Augustin Doug Wilson is still gonna get something to do on the third day of July like before. America's birthday pulled off a huge trade -- wanna get to you about Brett had a kid -- -- by the way right off the the number agency its outlook country club. Restaurant I don't this round nobody I don't right around young -- If I had probably don't like if not I think vote today. But tell me about Davis signing today of thought Colin White. Even white left and I liked it quite a lot of tally -- a they. He wears it -- -- -- -- -- -- Red -- like Colin White what kind of the players -- going to be for the -- fly. Think he'll call once gonna bring that experience got -- eleven playoff games experience is once -- cup. And I think. -- what He brings is a guy that. He always played an -- big games He brings that -- to the game He brings -- -- -- that maybe you look at nick Wally losing him to go to Sweden you get here you replace him with white. A guy that has that a playoff experience like. Like a guy like nick Wally but we look at the abrasive this which she plays the game quite I like the fact that they brought him in the really. Sure if that's 56 guys in your heart of their lineup. Yeah which you've got now basically is. At least at this point going into training camp camp you've got. Eight wanna fight contenders for essentially what is going to be six maybe seven spots on the Sharks offense and that's not even including. You know who may Immersion training camp photo Worcester. Or who might still be signed or -- invited as a free agency got a real good for. A defenseman now -- competing for jobs and I mean let's face it that's one of the areas of Sharks knew they had to get better at after being eliminated in the playoffs last year that was on their blue line and I think they're gonna have a better blue line this year. Brent burns and Jim Vandermeer have been added you lose why you bring in a new life Greg Maddux today on the website CS and very deck out of since this is the best group of blue liners the Sharks have ever had you been with the franchise almost from the very start Randy would you say it is it is the best group of the blue liners this team has ever -- it's just. Might -- -- -- -- we we've had some good defenseman in here in the past Gary -- who got -- been elected to the hockey hall of fame the US hockey elevate yesterday. An outstanding defenseman but by the time the Sharks got him I think He was near the end of his career I I think ray is probably right this a very deep group you -- You know one and -- Dan Boyle and Brent Burns I mean those are just two top notch NHL defenseman we see what market -- classic has turned into. He gets better and better every year and and He could have a huge breakthrough year now me. This coming season. Douglas Murray besides. You added some other pieces in the past season numbers say young Justin -- may break through and make the lineup this year than the other people like Colin White Jim Vandermeer who were. Added in the offseason as well it's got the opportunity to be a very very good group. And certainly something to charge said targeted obviously in the offseason if you'd told me. Going into the summer the Doug Wilson was going to. Get a top notch defenseman like Brent Burns I mean we're talking -- not Nicklas Lidstrom Delaware but that's next tier then next tier defenseman. There's -- go to the player Brett I absolutely he's a guy can play that's point five -- 46 range in the course of the game we're damn well He obviously could play those minutes in the years past. I'd like to see him play last this year let him play around -- -- your range. -- Brent Burns the ability to play that point five point six minute range. Where He can really carry a lot of the play. -- San Jose Sharks especially on those big minutes this big minutes at the end of the game when you need a guy that skates away Byrnes does the size of red -- could play against any other. -- lineup in the league for that matter he's a great pick up like He just said. Grady who thought that they get picked up -- -- -- Brent Burns in the course of the summer. It can really don't give us an acute you wish they lost they're they're getting a guy that's number one guy for the next five years on this organization this team. What and not to disparage Danny Heatley either but I think you know to finish what I was gonna say is that if you -- told me Doug Wilson was waiting -- able to get a Brent burns and at the same time. Rid themselves of a contract. That was a bit of an albatross I mean it was a problem. -- your highest paid player. Who just wasn't getting you the production especially come playoff time. That you need from that dollar value players nothing against Danny Heatley is a terrific guy. But hey He just wasn't getting it done in the in the key moments be it injury or situation or whatever so for Doug Wilson to pull off. You mean those two moves yeah you know moving the contract which we all thought it was going to be. Immovable Villa and get a Brett burns in the process say hi to me it's tremendous I don't know obviously was hurt urges at that point in his career but He was not the -- -- player we saw earlier in his career.

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