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Klay's huge night lifts W's to rout of LA; Sharks, Kings go to OT



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

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Time now who who Wednesday's morning minute on CSN Bay Area dot com. You wanna have this problem with your morning minute from the Comcast sports net studios Warriors season opener verses the Lakers Kobe Bryant having to sit out with -- Achilles injury. Second quarter Klay Thompson not sitting but it giving up three Thompson had 27 in the first half. In the third quarter skins already blocked Andre Iguodala behind the back -- game badly bruised up 27. Wow. Later in the third. Klay Thompson's -- had a tough jump shot in transition. What really transition but it is still tough. You had a career high 38 Warriors when one point 59 before the largest opening night win in franchise history. Not -- play the lead. -- -- Thank you know it. It's a whole lot about myself I'm -- right now. Play as best Jim Louis freshman women. Another crowd's into it. Every other business in the game so he's going like that team is -- is nothing better and choose. Charge visiting McCain's revenge game second period attitude Sharks on the power play Patrick Marleau -- we'll be sure seventh of the season. The kings tied up three -- -- in overtime. And I'm tickled Qatar with the one timer. It's a power play goal from the Sharks public Schwartz. -- victory. Tune in Saturday as the Sharks in the -- taking on the Coyotes pregame at seven. Post game to follow only on Comcast sports net California I'm Dave Feldman. Enjoy your -- That was the -- more than -- minute I CSN Bay Area dot com.

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  1. Patrick Marleau - Part 1

    assists we bring in the three time all star. From the south bay just off the ice getting set for game one on Thursday Patrick Marleau welcomed chronicle live presented by auto trader dugout. Thanks very Tell me about your chances this year you guys

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    Patrick Marleau downstairs. Joining us now outside the end dressing room got on got pretty wild in the third period and it. went back and forth

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    Patrick Marleau on the Sharks' penalty kill, the intensity of the series and winning at home.

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    Dany Heatley and Patrick Marleau address the media following Sharks skate-around on May 15.

  1. s not gonna stop there either try to stop be happy to get all of them. Sharks' top power play looking good here immersed Marleau . Just a great great power play right here by the Sharks stormed out to a nice shot a great game played little subtle play

  2. Coaching staff looking to get more pucks to the front and act quicker create rebounds it does their pops out to Patrick Marleau he catches it. Charge here now a two on one Rask. Beauty of a kick save right there two on one beautiful just

  3. San Jose Sharks on the power play Patrick Marleau . It just get pucks towards the ..... this inside of that defender and Marleau put to read a mistake that reflect ..... this charge Belsky in front of Patrick Marleau and yes he's got everything

  4. Going to do you know if it's it's nice going out there thought the when. And playing with them and he has pretty fortunate we have unions really good players. You are legal team. The first one the tough because you know he's just kind of set up there and prominence and excellent over He muted but

  5. my home and the only got to continue to some offense. Here's a nine minute span in this game where you insisted Patrick Marleau then he came back to return the favor assisted do. Is one side of that more rewarding than the other do you wanna

  6. Whitney in the neutral zone that they're the one by Patrick Marleau . Does a great job Bill Self and chipping it off the ..... a goal right there but all created by the likes of Patrick Marleau . They would need to review that goal just to be sure

  7. Louis who are also undefeated at this time what about Patrick Marleau face plenty of criticism. After the playoffs last ..... winner in the third period so. Very good start for Patrick Marleau reset after the game that he's still getting used

  8. Highlights: Sharks 3, Senators 2


    Sun, 13 Oct 2013

    lead the way you can't win hockey game was solid again. Chart showing their first power play of the night look at Patrick Marleau again makes the backhand from that distance that is really hard to do. You know as it what his role playing and you

  9. Period there in he's good channels first and it. You know we've. Mean couple mistakes and then you weird enough thing isn't amusement as people. Have been quiet for street Louis. Feelings. that's gone for your very don't think there's there's still a lot of little things and I'd like to have to get

  10. momentum and and then it was line did an absolutely fantastic job to terse you know created a turnover Kennedy what a pass and Marleau . Coming over on that strong side you know one timer short side. No goal is gonna make that and once they regain that two

  11. Mike Santa rally. On the deflection so that you get on the board cuts lead just to one under two minutes later. Patrick Marleau . The one timer. They get 31 Sharks after that and late in the second Alex peddler. Cole must hurdle. For Washington

  12. Patrick congratulations. Great start for the hockey team you have to be happy with the way you guys seized control of this game early. Great goaltending along the way from Niemi and and the way you closed it out with a big third period. That we was you know strong team effort again but like you

  13. Sharks seeking a more balanced power play


    Mon, 7 Oct 2013

    Sharks' first power play goal of the season after taking an 0-for-8 against Vancouver, and they got another when Patrick Marleau scored later in the opening frame.

  14. Highlights: Sharks 4, Coyotes 1


    Sun, 6 Oct 2013

    power play. We'll turn over now Patrick Marleau on a breakaway day. Mike Smith ..... Gordon wouldn't know what the Marleau Smith people he had 47 saves ..... on night one of his NHL career Patrick Marleau power play goal his second of the

  15. for us Berkman on. Nor did when we had to get along. With the stat was the first to game by church rookie since. Patrick Marleau were or that young age you're just trying to clarify exactly what this that was bottom line is you've been in

  16. burns. Well forces are high end guys really want the young guys to do well on the there to support them both the new paddy Marleau and Jumbo and Danny Boyle. We try not overrated. Over. Promoter over our players. But Thomas them play the game he's

  17. Highlights: Sharks 4, Canucks 1


    Fri, 4 Oct 2013

    right there and uses his legs. Turns up puck over takes a look over shoulder before you can get the puck. Sports of Patrick Marleau were. A quick release and it's all really. These quick release and accuracy. Sharks get two goals within a minute

  18. Time is of the essence prevention in San Jose team. Can Todd McLellan. Sharks Joseph Thornton and Patrick Marleau . Holy Grail. I wanna avoid the complacency issue I don't want players to take the easy route or maybe slipped back into what

  19. Kevin you know what a lot of the players certainly excited and I don't care if you're Joseph Thornton Dan Boyle Patrick Marleau all those guys admitting there are those tension nerves tonight when you get out there and do it for real for the

  20. Sharks-Canucks: In the Crease


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    Sharks : 0-0-0, 0 points Canucks : 0-0-0, 0 points Probable lines Sharks Tyler Kennedy – Logan Couture – Patrick Marleau Tomas Hertl – Joe Thornton – Brent Burns Matt Nieto – Joe Pavelski – Tommy Wingels James Sheppard – Andrew Desjardins