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5.2: DET/SJS Postgame- Pavel Datsyuk



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Fri, 11 Jan 2013|

GM Doug Wilson and head coach Todd McLellan sit down with Sharks Insider Kevin Kurz to answer questions from the Twitter world.


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Welcome to CSN California dot com and Kevin Kurz and here with the Sharks head coach Todd McLellan general manager Doug Wilson for a web exclusive diocese is informal so. -- -- Say. Anything you want we're not -- and I'll live television so there's just had to go to -- -- sox' pen that I think. And I so I for once again shocked absolutely. Titles -- review first questions from Josh Campbell. And Josh asked do you feel pressure to get this team deep in the playoffs. What's good question by Josh coaches always feel pressure to -- To provide a successful season and go deep in the playoffs and we're no different. We have some standards that we wanna live up to. Outside the organization the fans expectation but even more importantly within the organization. The goals that we set for ourselves the goals -- players set for themselves and on the chart our job was stopped to bring about some of -- -- -- coaching staff he had a couple new assistants and Larry Robinson and Jim Johnson what can you say about those guys and and how do you adjust its authority and his staff. Well we certainly had enough time my guess when you're. When you look at the adjustment period getting to know each other individually and and then -- collectively but we haven't worked with the product yet that would be the players. Both of them bring a tremendous amount of experience. Both as players and his coaches and so far they fit. Our group very well they brought some new ideas in. Will allow them to share those ideas with players hopefully one of huge impact on the penalty kill an area that we have to improve on. And I were really excitable haven't. Penalty kill obviously was one area that that was a that was district I -- trouble so to speak last year oh. What what a Larry and Jim maybe bring that that we can expect regarding the penalty kill season was interest in when they came in we didn't. We didn't share our our ideas or thoughts with -- we left it wide open we asked them to to look at the penalty kill and to review it give us their opinions. In doing so they saw us to a number of good things. The positioning can get a little bit better stick stick involvement can be a little bit better but these were aggressive we wanna become a little bit more aggressive on the penalty kill. And each of the individuals starting with the coaching stop but the goaltender the defenseman in the forwards all have to accept. Greater. Sense of sacrifice in that situation whether it's blocking shots clear he'll decrease or. The -- and say when we when we need it so it's definitely a team thing that we're gonna approach and we hope that they both have a big impact on. Until we got one from you Corey Brewer back asks how -- the CBA. Most affect the Sharks. I would imagine that's. Partially the salary cap next year is going on the 63 million you guys have good amount of money on the books for next year Howell in the CA CB affect the team. -- were pretty flexible element we have we can operate under any system certainly this year I think after two more years at anchor our dedicated dollars Houston with 27 million dollars so. Our commitment every years but the best team in the -- You always keep an eye on the future understanding this -- I think he'll look back. Two to three years now and see how it operates to sometimes tell something's written and how it operates can be two different things that we -- at the last deal. But we do we have. An interest in people talk with the age of her team we've got a young group of guys that are core potential people to just market -- Glasser got. Logan pitcher certainly you know -- hurdle coming Tommy -- angles. Brent Burns is still a young player emerged -- so. We've got the team that can compete now we've got guys that certainly will take over some more advanced -- going forward. And I think that meshes with with a -- in May dictate to have to do. To expect next summer to be trickier area or more of the mindset well let's get through this your first and then. We'll deal that summer when it comes but no you can't do that you can't you can't be reactive and you take a look at the information you analyze the CBA you see where we're at the senior players perform. And you do have to make decisions which are always thinking at least a year in advance. I will stay with the new dog we have Keith Hayes who submitted a question from FaceBook. I know this is a topic that that you like to discuss that's how that aging core of the players your stored and Jamar -- -- boils. The window of opportunity for this team a lot of people say well you know maybe it's the only the next two years when all you have Thornton Marleau boils on a contract. What can you say about the window of opportunity that perhaps might be closing. Well I don't think windows close I think certain players the reality of their careers where they're headed towards. -- former team a lot of players that played well and there late thirties and forties and some beyond that. It depends on the athlete. For example -- -- tucked in the joint petty you mentioned. There are younger than Pavel Datsyuk to the same -- is a Luongo were France and so it's as much perception is anything. But when you have a group that. Has the experience the playoff experience and our group as head. You put the expectations -- you want to win now. But I don't think there's any true concerns for the future because the players have mentioned before that are coming through the system. And the ability to add players in the cup leadership we need with how we're situated cap wise and dollar -- You mentioned Longo and obviously this team has stayed away from from some of these contracts that are. I think -- is still goes to 2022. Or something like that you guys that haven't haven't signed guys to those long deals. With the new CBA and the seven year restriction and an -- for your own free agent. It is a stretch to think that maybe this team could be more involved with a restricted free agents and and some offseason to come here. We've always been very involved and I'm restricted free agency often it it mean signing her own players are going into and restricted free agency. The philosophy that we have on. I'm. Contract terms and contract structure. I will not change if anything more teams will have to come into our world with what the other -- being set up. But we believe in team building I mean if and -- you're giving two or three guys -- team ten or twelve or fourteen year deals sometimes that can be divisive within your room we try to. Treat all players with great respect know that there are all connected to each other how we dedicate their dollars. Is that you want performance to match compensation. And know they can look at each other and say well we're hoping being treated very well. Can titled it back to you we have Josh -- Goldstein he's asking about line combinations of you guys thought about line combinations. Obviously the top six is pretty -- pretty strong. But the bottom 23 and fourth lines specifically this is what Josh is asking what have you seen those two lines developing -- overall and I think you could. You had alluded to already we're we're gonna approach training camp with familiar to you as much as possible so. We'll try and keep our top six together as much as we can just to start the season so we're comfortable thought. The bottom six are the lines three and four there is some auditioning going on in those situations. We -- players that were here last year that we acquired. He's going guardian example. He's gonna come in now feel a little more comfortable with his environment. He gets the start with with the sat line culmination and and hopefully they can make that work and as the season goes on of course we're gonna have to make adjustments due to injury due to fatigue and through performance and will be prepared to do that but initially starting -- will be real familiar and we'll grow from there. -- our time's up this is painless right. Relatively speaking at the promotional work. That's how we know yeah.

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  7. what I don't know I mean I think I think it's gonna be at. I would think that deal to keep this staff together. But the Datsyuk in no way to diminish the job that they've done. And those three guys have done a fantastic job and end that thing that

  8. him laws there and you know not only him you know I'll probably messed over him he's Tomas For me I got to focus on his Datsyuk in that in position nationalities position. So you know kind of watching and also If he's going to be in their their why

  9. looked pretty much a phenomenal that's what you want to quarterbacking. I he's already highly intelligent thought I had Datsyuk aren't natural physical gifts and then. But dead you know we just constantly been general read them much of filming. On

  10. discipline as far as taking penalties was a big issue. Kessler and I don't I don't mind it at all Thornton just played against Datsyuk or Zetterberg. And right test resolves right up there with those and he's fine. A little little to show us the clutch reputation

  11. watch this save actually goes off of his face mask didn't. In any into the glove. Time running out for the Red Wings and Datsyuk cleared the to ice the game patty Marleau. Mister Marleau Cubs up. Absolutely. Used to the delight of a sold out HP pavilion

  12. And what I am pleased with I'm pleased with the effort he's with the growth for him for us. Are high and for us and Datsyuk and Zetterberg were fantastic in this which I think is really important initial great leadership quality. Which which is fantastic

  13. the game in the third period so I'm not too concerned about it. Push you talk about. When defense against a player like Datsyuk and can you speak about him and perspective vote. Defending other players like comes as he stepped up. I probably I think

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  15. situations where he can shoot the puck and he's got a couple very good players playing with them. When they split their lineup. Datsyuk and Zetterberg we we we hope we got a little more space for jumble. Scotty and and set or not sure that we did that we are

  16. played. games in the national with a number of different teams. A lot of pressure situations in these buildings against. The Datsyuk and Zetterberg but he is. Obviously a rookie when it comes to playoffs and he's got that enthusiasm he's gonna want to

  17. it hit nothing but. Last. It is can you explain Detroit's system that allows veterans to excel like it draft guys like Datsyuk Zetterberg Lidstrom. And mr. I think you'll be okay let me explain their system they got great players. They do what they

  18. especially important. It's his commitment to defense playing in the defensive zone and he's taken a page right out of Pavel Datsyuk but I talked to that at this summer and he he. He showed why don't think they got you got more points I think that

  19. want to consequence of market. Methods that he'd accuse tunnel you peninsula. And with the comment on the 2000. He took a Datsyuk didn't stand up and what it. As far as. Thank that was really determining factor for me. Can really was my decision

  20. keeping up with their movement their ability in the passing as a suffered enough stamps. Just talk to me is like you know Datsyuk . Special players and put if he didn't just got to get out of back off Lopez and lectured. He makes the first move out over