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4.4: Highlights - Sharks vs. Avalanche



  1. Paul Stastny2:09
  2. Rob Blake1:05
  3. San Jose3:38, 3:56
  4. Douglas Murray0:12
  5. Craig Anderson0:35
  6. Dan Boyle0:17
  7. Peter Mueller1:19
  8. mental mistake1:00
  9. Decent jobs3:58
  10. power play0:47, 0:53, 2:07
Mon, 5 Apr 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

Time or Dave and -- highlights of the game be extended. Sharks held on -- important. Back from missing three games that lower body injury -- into the person Douglas Murray decided update Tampa. The big shot the right -- -- and -- Dan Boyle 300 career assist and his fourth of the season. We've talked a lot about history alongside what -- -- dominating but another big part of that the end -- ability that the you know we'll be -- the defense really caused disorganization. Ellison and later that was Jamie -- on the roster capitalist surpassed Craig Anderson you see the replay just like that loss to knock them. That was of great on the rough -- gold. Players -- charged me. -- have played well here. Here's the power play up finishing gone wrong -- Kyle Quincy breaking out of the blocks Justin's time expired on the power play. In just its Milwaukee work by a classic it's the other way and -- -- fortunate you know mental mistake. -- -- -- In particular the second period -- the second Rob Blake you're actually getting his stick blade. But in all stats please state played importantly is the housing for the -- -- tripping penalty -- -- the charge for. -- enjoy that because that's it. -- a flashback ticket back to last Sunday the 48 Peter Mueller scored two goals in the Sharks or three win over Colorado. We showed that because we take you back to today just over six to go in the second Miller breaks into the -- and one pats snapped. We're tied it -- do it over with and done. Don't know if he's that -- when he points. Phoenix thought to. Very little adjustment time do. Good offensive player when you're told this could be a trade with the it was -- -- -- -- -- second goal of the period it's now eight. Lead to Avalanche lead after two as you mentioned before his fourth goal against the Sharks. In the last week alone taking out of the third period just seconds into the third. Perhaps the power play Miller shot -- find out if Paul Stastny right place right time digging and ending Colorado an outstanding their lead to 242. Was a big penalty -- was short career that pool and initially they had -- -- coming up didn't execute very well. We got beat light and they have been tomorrow. Good to see the Sharks respond it's gonna be countered -- scoring. On a pass from Danny heatley. -- first goal the last fourteen road games do you believe that that's interest and we've really been very consistent. Play the season. Ongoing career high 43 Danny heatley however very patient. Peter on this level instantly play except for the it was a shot it was jolt of -- keep putting it in the rebound. With the back and it just like that we're excited for commissioner would have liked to have gotten more thoughts -- again. Really struggling -- last. Less than three to go with the bomb yeah. -- little contact there. Want to be cold shoulder lawlessness along with the clean factor about it I think one of the bad -- you know just a little back. You know like I guess we would have known it was going to get hit didn't go embraced at all put. Balancing we take the overtime. John Michael wild. In any extra money Colorado -- -- -- points San Jose because of the one point for the overtime loss. The final five or. In this game as you mentioned Douglas Murray's -- school at 35 contests has evolved into supporting this season forgetting about if you had today. Five stops and Mary's and San Jose. Decent jobs -- --