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Rene Bourque

10.25: Highlights -- Flames 4, Sharks 0



  1. Rene bourque0:13
  2. Stanley Cup0:39
  3. Calgary1:07, 1:38
  4. Scott McClellan0:44
  5. neutral zone2:13
  6. power play0:12
Mon, 25 Oct 2010|

Henry Wofford brings you the game-changing plays and word from the coach.


Machine Generated Transcript

Dark then why you demand that we'll bump and now. Unbeaten in the start. On the road they -- on the plane into the Indy give them an Edberg here in -- through the power play. Rene bourque scored on the one timer from the baseball. And it just a couple of minutes later drove home I didn't look. Glove side -- everything about them why do. The -- it's. Cleaned up things as right bottle -- yeah. Not much hear me didn't do on this too long one but that would do it for the former Stanley Cup camp. Game that's been given up three goals on just five shot. Scott McClellan going good girl made in hockey and you know why he didn't do much better when they boards board began bad line. I'd -- in the -- -- gets most beloved but not quite enough that it slowly rolled into the battle they've. That however he would fell down after that held out of the bag and threw five. Calgary. Howard played making a strong case to be that -- blues starting goalie you know Vinny. -- -- -- 24 they've won 25 shots and what did. Time to shine. Former shark at my Barrett. Whether it's -- the warm for the week period. And big game with 17 place -- and -- -- otherwise road trip on a sour note what a war. Victory Calgary didn't start the cold shoulder. They've won four of their last five starts this week and one that. Yeah me as we've had -- -- play and McLellan explained why. We gave up three goals. And we needed to do something -- the and obviously there. -- sharp corner and as well the game was over. And now we're just trying to survived -- Course you start to win some bottles policy is not wait for power plays. -- she's compete five on five policies get the puck up quick don't wanna see his get through the neutral zone quicker I want -- -- on -- sport -- And when you play back to back games you have a complete contrast -- you know looking to -- -- -- to see -- -- that they wanna do it --