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5.18: SJS/VAN Game 2 postgame -- Roberto Luongo



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Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- result Curtis brown and Jamie baker joining us live from Rogers arena in Vancouver thanks what did you take away. From this contest because -- did seem to be several positives the Sharks beyond just the score. Well you know all this Jim and I we interviewed. Slow mature on the post game show on the radio and asked him what he thinks more impressive scored 21 goals after four games are only giving up five goals. Eagles both and and it's a good point but we are on the road. You know defense. Defense is very important and I I like the way San Jose really played defensively. Love the fact not -- scores a goal his first congratulations Matt that's awesome. We're seeing that's three consecutive games -- get say congratulations some of scoring their first NHL ball. And Niemi played great tonight some huge saves too particular on not Hendrickson -- And then I I thought a key moment in this game. Was the you know Vancouver made it 21 on this generally -- all I thought they had a little bit of little bit of the momentum and and then it was -- line did an absolutely fantastic job to terse you know created a turnover Kennedy what a pass and Marleau. Coming over on that strong side you know one timer short side. No goal is gonna make that -- and once they regain that two goal lead they just kind of went into smother the -- from a defensive standpoint -- that's -- that's just a really strong. Road win for the Sharks tonight. -- real disappointing it to launch -- and not get another goal tonight his goal scoring streak ended. We better hit the panic button right I don't honestly get a couple good looks in good opportunities he's doing all the right things still. Well brownie you're in you can out on to this but boy he seems to get faster when he thinks there's any semblance of -- -- to the net there. Had a couple good looks and and you want Luongo played well I thought we want to play well the first game but brownie using your logic I'm seeing a kid that just. He's sniffs out those any scoring opportunities he's a natural goal score. You know what's amazing is a young guy like that that slashing through the middle of the ice and just taking those passes and cutting in behind the you know ought to ultimately he wants to get in there and do another celebration of one of those fancy goals so. He loves the score and the neat thing is that think the guys talked about in the telecast. He's got a nose for that. Area around the Blue Line which is not a very difficult to defend. He just kind of times -- right he gets himself in between those defenders and then he can skate for a big guy and he uses his strength so. He had a couple real good looks tonight like we are dimension. -- and team. Great point on Twitter during tonight's contest and Curtis Larry talked about how Marc-Edouard classic is still auditioning for me a spot on Canada's Olympic team about this hash tag. -- -- It likely pickles and Olympics. Let's get it at all until about time I thought he made it. I thought I thought he had a great Gammon and jumped up in the play you know we interviewed Brent Burns after the first period tonight. And I comment that I loved his stuff fake shot and pass over to classic he goes well I wasn't going to pass it. He actually goes I have my head down I was gonna take the shot his -- was going to the front of the Nat. And I heard classic yelling that he was open and that's what forced burns to look and make that pass. And any of -- playing with a ton of confidence right now get two goals three assists five points last year. He had three goals four assists seven points in 48 games he is auditioning we know -- celery as defensively but he's chipping in offensively so it's great to see. Good to see it good to see you -- we'll talk to you what's sad.

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  9. on the athlete. For example tucked in the joint petty you mentioned. There are younger than Pavel Datsyuk to the same is a Luongo were France and so it's as much perception is anything. But when you have a group that. Has the experience the playoff experience

  10. offensive line people like him. Don't our little it's already and assessing your ego blow away their running game to work Luongo brought. You have do you have thoughts of trips though was over what are accurate you think you were handled ourselves also

  11. the open man. Clearing the puck the other thing is they just didn't get the pucks to the program that nobody in front of Luongo He was seeing all the traffic as well all the shots. So you know you gotta say that in the Canucks make some some good adjustments

  12. s not the end of the world. what do you guys have to do more off or better to get more scoring chances right in front of Luongo and how much does that start. In the neutral zone. The neutral zone is it is a big part of it but for me it's more sustained

  13. this game we thought maybe it would make a lot of things up and it's a nice pass of the world tour. Forehand backhand these Luongo gets his game up on the right the right right direction and maybe that's a mystery series Sharks scored the first goal but