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1.12: Morning Minute: Sharks tank in third; Kings in O.T. thriller



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Fri, 15 Mar 2013|

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Machine Generated Transcript

Sharks hosting the kings Jose there's two points behind LA coming and you see the recently converted forward -- here before the game each other reporter it was a little discord on the -- tonight. Hope so -- if you Brent -- they might be argued that I don't -- but the deal if but. So six out of seven early chance for birdies in the tie and -- hole. Not yet it's the post. Five minutes later -- The second what is good. -- was in the right place at the right time and he's going to be the owner of a new Brodie Brazil that time. Second period six minutes into the second things got physical and do the majority and huge did on Colin Frazier. -- -- it takes exception. So show me. Do get out. Pretty good fight but ally. We'll take two penalties on the black so the Sharks. Goal on the power play. And the Sharks with a man advantage for forty minutes Matt Irwin. Jonathan Quick tuna and Sharks. Kings still serving at two minute penalty kill court. Finds Logan Couture. -- sure. Finds the Mets three nothing Sharks on top. Sutter polled -- Jonathan Quick in favor of Jonathan burn -- at third period early third charts and we want bars with a great table I've got to find Logan Couture. Brooklyn so I. White Sharks. Holy blistering scoring over 300 slump now 42 game Dwight king -- me have me. It's a 43 days so not so fast forty seconds to play one last chance for the head. Two great saves -- Atlanta AMA. And the Sharks pulled all of a thriller for the parade after the game we'll be friends again. You made an arrangement with me he wanted to -- them. -- -- -- -- -- you're tied at you know one of matching shirts. Me in my or. Did I I don't even think it was his best title at the economic. Yeah -- -- -- -- report says was the beneficiary of San -- highest scoring game since January 27. The victory was two -- seven for coach Todd McLellan breaking the franchise record set by Ron Wilson.

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    the third empty net. Dan Boyle tried to keep camp in MacArthur put in the empty net. Least give former San Jose coach Ron Wilson at 600 career victory over the seventh coach to do it. Sharks lose their fifth in a row fifth straight loss five

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    don't even think it was his best title at the economic. Yeah report says was the beneficiary of San highest scoring game since January 27. The victory was two seven for coach Todd McLellan breaking the franchise record set by Ron Wilson .

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    got to where they should yeah. By the way with it. When Tom and now has 206. Career wins with the Sharks and that ties Ron Wilson for a franchise tied back out to Rogers arena row. 21 joke I say I don't like Up up up I. I don't know why why don

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    which brings comical amount to 206. Career wins with San Jose that ties him for the most ever by head coach. Alongside Ron Wilson speaking on top he's making these comments right now. In advance let's listen. Very well. He's got to I thought in

  1. hits still loom ran into left. Giants have three net being in the Giants found our love and it. Step and I see. It's. Ron Wilson at the stadium strike. That are so mean at the end of the game. Giants win three you know and we LS. AF Chris. Gave me

  2. fantastic almost scored a hat trick. I I like the Els who's playing too and I think everybody is finding a way to win. Ron Wilson was really classy utilized Tim Thomas you'd never know that could be important. Part of the game because. You might need

  3. age 39 he just became the Olympics all time leading point scorer in these games. So what you would think will happen what Ron Wilson has been haven't team USA do. Because they're faster and younger is just skate like crazy get the puck and scale like

  4. lot of guys from Canada lot of guys from Ontario going to be playing here in Toronto and of course there's the subplot. Ron Wilson rob Edwards and hunter the coaches at Toronto. And you give them. Two games with the leafs to shut out so it set up to via

  5. do that and you know you can cut your teeth by doing the world championships and because lucky enough to do World Cup with Ron Wilson as a head coach and that when he was head coach here in San Jose and he. Call me in June. Right after he returned from last