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Vlasic: 'It's a great finish to a good hockey game'



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Tue, 7 May 2013|

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Your Vancouver lines -- video with a couple of changes he left Derek Roy and Ryan Kesler up their center ice positions and he's also brought in Stevenson. Yeah NHL. Playing on the fourth line. Just got it. The -- it's second of the Stanley Cup doing -- we're. Working down in the corner. Of my. You've been very strong on the court tickets alone might play at a quick richter. Frenetic and the point now just a great little quick shot twice got him. And we just -- -- -- tremendous -- Stewart this whole series they've just been pulled all the playoff experience those two guys out but red bird with a nice to have.

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  1. McLellan: 'It's obvious their game plan is to be physical'

    s play. May not be similar as in the past and they thought how the number one do you pair all the time they on the Ryan Kesler on all the time. But. We've also do they understand the total control their offer what they're not worried about

  2. Marleau ties it, Torres wins it as Sharks take 2-0 series lead

    looks like. It might have been the bush. Not a good third period Sharks on the penalty kill early. So being five Ryan Kesler for the one time where we got a tie game. Six minutes later short term it overwhelms all wrestlers there again to beat

  3. Kevin & Brodie: Balanced attack could be valuable for Sharks

    they should both be ready to go three days rest should be pretty yeah pretty intense excitement. Glad you mentioned Ryan Kesler because people will look at the season series for the Sharks beat the all three tries this year but. All three of those

  4. Sharks chomping at the bit

    Sharks in all three tries. However in all three of those tilts Vancouver was without one of their premier cinnamon and Ryan Kesler . It does make you wonder how he will factor into this best of seven. Playoff series. He's a pro player. That

  1. right guys on the ice at the right times this will be pitcher against this team and then it gets maybe. Joseph Borowski gets Kesler and so Todd MacCulloch there's a job gave it right guys on the ice at the right time but I think overall it's the emotion

  2. forty degree weather going through middle school are hitting into just. Offensive chain link fence towards. You know that Kesler wanted the you know running cases. I'm building strong enough so. You know just a great opportunity not to make you from

  3. Your Vancouver lines video with a couple of changes he left Derek Roy and Ryan Kesler up their center ice positions and he's also brought in Stevenson. Yeah NHL. Playing on the fourth line. Just got it. The

  4. season and it was rough early Patrick Marleau called for the high stick although it. It was yesterday why it was double with Kesler right there look at that lead in the but morals to catch up into the face. So the sharks' lineup and a four on three penalty

  5. that that'd been great physical ailments like. They got guys over the definition as pocket that they showed that tonight. Kesler having big nights but the process as Volvo we do and we got a hit and that they gonna come out of the running game three back

  6. there's those you check on our side and Dan is there and to go. Or Iraqi specifically targeting the freshly returned. Ryan Kesler . Or Logan Couture drawing this roughing penalty. Then capitalizing on the ensuing power play. And really have to do

  7. advantage rough stuff there was plenty Torres was on the giving end the most while set the tone right there. Against city against Kesler right here thanks recovered. And gets a hot stick to the pace as well LE RD a point where we're lucky got up on this and

  8. Brodie & Kevin: Welcome to Vancouver


    Wed, 1 May 2013

    tonight. Sharks and Canucks and now let's begin with Vancouver in the and strategy. They're going with the Longo also Ryan Kesler was not a part of the morning skate what do you read into both those choices while it was an optional skate. We're

  9. on the scoreboard. We heard Todd McLellan reference Ryan Kesler for the Vancouver cannot see him play in a couple of ..... actually battled some injury issues right delegate said Ryan Kesler has only played in seventeen games this year he just

  10. There's not too much pretty place. It's a serious questions to yourself. Play just getting outs for his fans what. Obviously lots of with the speed vs. Seasons it's raining season that's 48 teams always is that the first part of Well we play every two nights prematurely yourself. No change of pace

  11. t go through to the regular season so. I anticipate we'll see more of a Vancouver team that we've seen in the past with Kesler and most of you people participating in games that would be a heck of this year's. Is that the factory so it's it. Well

  12. 12.27: Chronicle Live -- Andre Ward


    Tue, 27 Dec 2011

    super six tournament whereas a young pup. Ninety you know fighter who wasn't supposed to be in the finals much less when Kesler was the favorite Abraham for much. And Andre and Andre to roll word distant last OK that. He made it come minimum back then