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Kevin and Brodie: Hertl raising expectations; Stuart returns



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Tue, 8 Oct 2013|

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They should check this out here at CSN California dot com Brodie Brazil and Kevin -- game day number three of the sharks' season and today for the first time in a long time. It's an Eastern Conference opponent the New York Rangers coming into town. Yeah it's great that it's been -- no more of these Western Conference only teams to see every team in the league this here it. You know from a shark seasons ago already pretty excited about that -- you know you hear and see every team commend them. The Rangers a very good team this year -- probably playoff team and a lean mean you know who. Who ended his season here last year as head coach that can not -- get another shot of the Sharks behind the ranger bench and tell us the news that you just found out about in terms of the Rangers who's starting tonight that we're gonna see. Probably arguably the the rangers' best player and. -- -- It is Sharks will pepper him in the same way they did Mike Smith 51 shots on net last scheme now the Sharks have always -- Quantity tight team they wanna get as many. Shots on -- high volume is a thirteen Kevin is that what they're gonna return to this year and are we gonna see a correlation between. I shot totals and victories. Yeah I think that's always been -- came you know get as much -- as many shots on that is possible less actually degrees and I think it picked up Tyler Kennedy is he's one of those players that know little to shoot the puck from anywhere on the ice so. Against Mike Smith that was probably a little more priority to me a similar goaltenders to -- have been so good against summit. What Chris is no different one of the best in the league if not if not the best so I would have to think the Sharks try to do the same exact thing they did against Phoenix here tonight. It's been fun to watch to much -- through two games here just in the regular season the assist in his first game and into goals last game. How do you think he handles. Here moving forward right because obviously he's now set the bar pretty high for himself that's gonna be impossible to maintain and 82. Goal pace through this regular season so how does he kind of level off and maybe find a nice spot for his team and endured this season. I think that's where his linemen come and you know he's playing -- Joseph Thornton Brent burns and these are two veteran guys that that that should keep him level headed should should keep them motivated. You know obviously the biggest challenge for the rookies maintaining that pace over an eighteen game season but. He's 62210. Not not exactly the -- typical size of a nineteen year old itself at that should help -- with the schedule set up. Yeah a robust is the word that I like to -- like honestly when you look at them attack on the ice I mean he's not fragile he's not built -- he's a note like that so many hits any hits and yeah take kids that we -- all. Hit I think it was Chris ten ever make Hoover and he got hit himself pretty good the last game so. He certainly doesn't seem to shy away from that -- game which which should only help of. The Thornton line is not cool because it's all three big boys stored and Brent burns and now how much hurdle. But did I think it's all three -- those guys cannot stop smiling like I might be the most smiling line and the NHL let's leave it with this Brad Stuart back in the lineup tonight for the Sharks. Obviously things have been working well through two games in the Blue Line so that must have been. It's a difficult decision for the coaching staff to say -- -- we need to get Brad -- in here -- -- we take out and how do we do this seamlessly. Well yes and no -- sorts an upgrade over Scott Hannan and I think it's plain and simple. Although hand and has played well -- but so is Jason Emerson and -- is obviously. As a little bit different dynamic to what's probably the third pair he's more a puck we are obviously than Hannon but tumors is also beginning that power play time so. Obviously the coaches are pretty happy with his start of the season it was a big year for him. He's been hurt so much the last couple years has been an -- lineup -- have been able to keep that spot so looks like he's in his shots lately Brad Stuart. At game three this season coming away tonight's 730 is the puck drop that we would love to see -- at 7 o'clock on Comcast sports net California for Sharks pregame live.

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