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7.15: SportsFlash - Scott Nichol, the newest Shark



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Thu, 12 Apr 2012|

Scott Nichol says he is impressed the maturity out the Blues' youth.


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It's these guys think about okay. You know lots been made about experience but on the flip side you guys have also been the teams in the franchise and the situation where I don't wanna go back to him being in the playoffs don't have back to Korea to right. Yeah I think they've been realize that organization and a real patient with some of the players with them prawns and no she isn't. And Patrick Berlin any of them backs and really a lot of homegrown talent there hasn't been many guys in this from that aren't home grown here in. I think that's a testament to organization being patient and every game this year has been a learning experience and they'll be the same -- in the playoffs and I just can't reiterated enough how mature these young guys -- I was really surprised how mature they are when I came here and they really just like a business like or like attitude all year long. Through that feeling -- love. Maybe for them getting post season it's it's about the experience in May be humility you don't have this whole year they can appreciated being here may be. More than the Sharks as much as the Sharks yeah I think they've had some long seasons they've they've made the last few years ago one. They didn't win a game and I think that was a learning experience and I have because they've had enough players come and I think it's that has been a sentence I don't see an organization to school from -- playoffs and win this helicoptered to the finals is not too often so. They've done a great job here and it's -- it's been fun it's been a fun ride and I can't wait for the playoffs -- going to be a real big coming out party for a lot of our. Our big guys that don't really get a lot of accolades all year long and I mean look at our team we have this year and nothing it's always been hurt. Fantastic our goalies the -- -- but he was our only also we have a lot of players there who could be -- tell all stars and they just kind of -- -- then.

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    Scott Nichol says he is impressed the maturity out the Blues' youth.

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