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Highlights: Stars score lone SO goal to hand Sharks first loss



  1. Brent burns2:28
  2. Brad Stuart0:09
  3. Ray Whitney1:13
  4. Sergei Gonchar2:23
  5. Patrick Marleau1:15, 1:28
  6. Bill Self1:17
  7. Dan Boyle0:12
  8. Dan Ellis2:36
  9. Trevor Daley1:04
  10. neutral zone1:13
Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Welcome back to post game live go to Brazil and I -- -- through the Sharks were looking for their seventh consecutive win to start the season take on this bars yet that's Brad Stuart back from his. Three game suspension filling in for Dan Boyle first period and -- had nine seconds until Kennedy right back. Tyler Kennedy just -- howitzer goal from short just inside. But stop there -- your defense been over l.s shoulder but that's what you like to see from a guy that we expect all seasons you can block. With 12 away from the franchise record for earliest goal in team history but then. -- will put off from up top and Tyler -- it finishing down -- we're tied at one end just about a minute later joked with Els he would be great backhand pass to watch. -- you know right about here just turn on the Jets amazing yeah you talked about the -- direct but Belsky. Right here coming up backhand. Nice highlight guys love this little chip right there that are Seattle's legs -- of he's sort of has the best we can't keep up comes all across what. TV anybody secondary assist on that goal second period. Cody can shot is deflected the Trevor Daley. Right out front with the rebound connecting for the equalizer actually went off naturally states. And perfect today. Yeah that was started by Ray Whitney in the neutral zone that they're the one by Patrick Marleau. Does a great job Bill Self and chipping it off the wall following all the way up on the right here gets the shot off but that -- -- -- -- daily life. Fall from -- behind the goal line. Obviously a goal right there but all created by the likes of Patrick Marleau. They would need to review that goal just to be sure but that it would stand. While has a seven game point streak now -- to charge with 28 seconds later he did finding the back of the net executive pointed night and all of a sudden we're tied at three. Boy you talk about 48 seconds later Troy that's just the type of game this was it was a see saw battle -- guys aren't doing what they had to do to get themselves back in the game events early with a bad -- Hit right here from behind it was kind of tough they. Opposite I saw -- player from these two guys trying to get into it but. That's type of game this game as hockey's physical early in the box for that charging play their actions saved forty insult third period. On TV and you working hard all night and it's the most -- the goals and the Sharks have allowed this season we talk about three foot Brett still pretty good night overall for the -- spent time. Yeah here's -- late in the third here with a good opportunity blows it by Niemi off the bar. We go to overtime Sergei Gonchar. Get a penalty for a cross checking. Brent burns and see if there's another charge on the power play four on three style and a couple chances before the clock expires moving to shortstop by Dan Ellis out front. And off the faceoff -- has won last month but Ellis is too good credit the stars 413 is a tough situation to be. Really -- they did a great job to kill that off for three with a look at the shoot out -- Alex chase on a book. Little bit of speed. Beats -- -- glove side so that means it all comes down to number 88 Brent Burns. That's a chance to extend. This skills competition but he's not able to do that for the Sharks win streak and this is still a point streak to stop on a winning streak they lose. -- final San Jose -- 60 and one that tabloids to thirteen points all the stars lose 23. There at six points.

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