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Sat, 17 Aug 2013|

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Saw welcome to our studios welcome to the show thanks appreciate it I was still there when I heard that I was hosting an oracle went on I can't -- -- It's a great story and really last year when you look at all the success that you in the earthquakes had you guys won the supporters shield. In Major League soccer but this year your guy's record -- suffered a little bit 810 and six what do you think things went wrong and I hate to start the interview on this -- Boggles -- right I think this kind of a combination of things I think that we have been enough little things we have one. Enough that he can -- battles we haven't tracked runners in a special set pieces I think that we've been a little little lackadaisical. And -- from the -- -- we we -- finishing every chance I -- This year we haven't done and then Tommy as well. Obviously things got so bad that the team replaced a long -- head coach frank -- mark Watson is now in in the interim. What are the types of things that he's done need to did you settle you guys -- -- one of the great things is -- does a lot of the similar philosophies so it's not just totally changed the whole spectrum of the team but he is. He's very detail oriented which I think is something that we need right now and he especially defensive and so we break down a lot of big game tape and also the other team and so we try to do. Keon some of their strengths and also work on some of the weaknesses of where we think we can expose them. The quakes have started a brand new tradition it's two years old now and so far it's gone well because the county classical features you guys. -- CLA Galaxy and you played Stanford stadium it's a full house there's fireworks afterwards but the two games in the last two years to me have been among the best. In MLS history I know that's on a long time but any you don't even have to like soccer -- like those games they must've been a blast to play. A lot of silly just to be a part of it and not to mention just such heated rivalry you know north cal -- so Colin the Galaxy -- But you know reduction does a great job they won the championship last two years but to go in there and we've. We've all sorts of games we were down. And be able to come back. I'm guilty salvage a win. And for the skins -- laid laid out winners rather than makes even more special which is -- Jonas you're involved last month I believe it was in July have five gold cup teams the United States and I in my notes here it has three goals -- scored is that right front. It's I don't -- right now and I know I go to Toronto. So obviously that's a showcase and -- stage for you could that have gone. He's better off he's honestly obviously. No it was amazing especially just be a part of that team there's there's such great talent on the field but even better guys off the field. And to be a part of you know to win and that makes it even better and so and also really contribute anyway -- -- and -- -- -- score five -- there was a pretty special. But there was one embarrassing moment it was in the second match when you put on the kid and your name wanderlust he's got a lot of letters you know whereas the guys out salute my -- and I think they are -- hasn't -- that doesn't -- long the last -- -- -- -- -- -- drags -- you as a player deal -- that you tell somebody or do you wait until somebody -- -- thought I had no idea and I think a lot -- another -- -- Really well and so he is is a great guy and you know there's no no love lost there yeah he's a great guy and loved it. But. You know I think -- legally change my name I think I think that's only -- logical. Explanation to do that. But I do more things I -- point tiger Bobble head which as we mentioned is going to be given away on Sunday it's got the number 27 for the amount of goals you scored last year you are wearing. The golden boots which is the award that you won not sure there's a shot at a rate there achieving got the date -- there engraved into the soccer ball 1027. Of 12 this is special for you because it's not just something simple. All of it is meaningful to you about your accomplishments -- absolutely it's. It was such an accomplished men special deal to. Shared my teammates because they know allow them a lot of credit. -- other schools don't happen without them the -- -- they put there out there for me I was able to finish made my job a lot easier ends you know I I tell -- they give me grief for but love it now look to go do enjoy that experience with them. You're such a good sport that I've got to put you a little bit on the spot Garcon and hopefully I'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- not sure I can juggle -- that's I think that's the key Danville has to zip codes name one of them not for five to six that's right yeah it'll -- 945060. What is the official -- logo. Of Danville who is that -- sycamore -- it's maturity. Right right. Manage this imagery are out. Too high schools in Danville I know you win today it was south seeing little one of them but a mascot from either one of the high school's logo mustangs and wolves. He got involved -- gonna spend San Ramon valley all right what year did DeAngelo incorporate I got sick days. Well I don't know what you did and he'll incorporate. That I have no idea -- -- Don't like your year of birth and it would be -- 38 surely do regardless of sides and here's my favorite one I think this one's gonna get you and I free Beers. Heat's brass rail favorite -- car wash. How much is the car wash Costa peace and who the -- is Pete and I. Guys and the turnover. And allows us that they wanna play your best of luck the rest of the season with the -- I'm really appreciated.

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