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Kennedy credits 'lucky bounce' for goal in St. Louis



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Wed, 22 May 2013|

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Or let us Billy and HP pavilion this site. Sharks games and a lot of energy early on there's been great energy this entire series with the Sharks came out like gangbusters Jonathan Quick a couple of great saves early. Kotsay one of the best series I've seen the San Jose Sharks play just have all five guys buzzing all five guys move their legs. Making plays with Joseph Gordon really separated himself from everybody else basically in the world that first period. Best I've ever seen him play big plays like that it to Bradford what I thought. What a great pass to -- it gets blocked. Back to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tim Kennedy with the big block after -- Yeah that was they have some momentum there on that ship of the big blocker that's -- -- -- you just about what apparently by Frazier. -- the penalty box just can't you got the playoffs -- on the Sharks make him hey there's the Belsky here's -- -- it. Off pitch you're at it it is too low just a great patience right there by little -- for Belsky gets -- Dan Boyle might get a look at not to ballpark -- -- -- like we're trying to look around them. It just a beautiful little shot right there -- -- five or checkered but there's -- good sure it's all the chapters that. It was the back there. Fifth goal of the playoffs for sure all the power play more on that in a moment but. You know the Sharks get -- break here is the puck trickled past Niemi but it early whistle waves it off yeah it doesn't matter you're a great job as the shot -- -- up looked like it was chipped it -- behind every whistle -- better to want what is the one when I'll talk about Scott. Jonathan Quick with a beautiful glove save right there a little joke or else. Under three to go in the period kings out of power play and look at. Hats with a stick save on Jake must and but yeah both it's got to stand up right at -- -- open net -- over the net right there that would have been a one out and of course we'll have a big big play right there but gaelic games. So third period we go midway through -- this the power play after a -- ill advised Brent Burns penalty at the end of a long -- Mike Richards. Forces it past Niemi and we've got a game. Averaging just gave -- -- box right here there's every bit that first game that he makes about. Looks like your shoulders are right there about the play right there -- -- difficult throwing it back in the game to 45 to go. Drew Doughty throws it on that all dangerous chance after dangerous hits for the the kings laid in bed with the empty net Sharks need one more play as they get it. Exhale. 21. What a game tonight you're talking about -- playoff hockey at its best ball teams played physical to one game goaltender played well but. The best player for the Sharks were the best players obviously led by -- -- tonight what do you had a tremendous skill level we saw him. So I. I -- -- five power play goals right in the playoffs he is only the third shark ever to have five power play goals and a single post season Mike Crabtree. And -- Belsky the first two games of the sharks' exit for no. On home ice in the plans.

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    look to change on the power play Tim Kennedy here. Two great chances. Yeah here ..... finally take a lead. Great game by Kennedy and I just did the right thing here ..... Bible it crossed the goal line. Kennedy would be second on this season

  1. t Sharks in Los Angeles Marty have season debut for San Jose. Before we begin we'll take you back to October 17 Tyler Kennedy scored just nine seconds in. Dallas he won that first loss of the season for the Sharks however back to tonight's. Market

  2. What what can you elect can continue. You know it can go to Stewart can go ahead and it can go to I can go on and on as Tyler Kennedy was a lot of leaders in the locker room. Hum I just think that those true right now have been a big part of the leadership

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  4. Stuart back from his. Three game suspension filling in for Dan Boyle first period and had nine seconds until Kennedy right back. Tyler Kennedy just howitzer goal from short just inside. But stop there your defense been over l.s shoulder but that

  5. getting used to his line mates the chore obviously he's used to over Tyler Kennedys the on the is on the other wing. Tyler Kennedy of course came over this summer. So he thinks they can become an even better line and if if that's the case and surely welcome

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  7. of little bit of the momentum and and then it was line did an absolutely fantastic job to terse you know created a turnover Kennedy what a pass and Marleau. Coming over on that strong side you know one timer short side. No goal is gonna make that and once

  8. always been came you know get as much as many shots on that is possible less actually degrees and I think it picked up Tyler Kennedy is he's one of those players that know little to shoot the puck from anywhere on the ice so. Against Mike Smith that was

  9. we have in the lineup this year up from Tyler Kennedy to Thomas are lamenting the NL and they all play ..... decided to make was sending a draft pick for Tyler Kennedy what impresses you about Kennedy . What does he add to your team. That's exactly

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    of the the net you look at look at low return stopping facing the play the entire time stop start he gets in front of Luongo Kennedy was also a distraction. That's they didn't see that on the power play those types of screens we talked about the scary

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  13. Right two more things to touch on the first would be Tyler Kennedy a guy that you expect to bring this the only element but he ..... likes to shoot the puck that's one thing we know about Tyler Kennedy I don't see a lot of says he is always scored a big goal

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    Tyler Kennedy and Tomas Hertl will skate in front of their home crowd Friday in a teal sweater. Kennedy : "It's exciting. I need to get one under my belt."

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    2 win in Vancouver on Monday. The club's top two lines didn't make the trip, so look for Joe Thornton, Logan Couture, Patrick Marleau, Tyler Kennedy and Raffi Torres to skate in at least one of the two games at the SAP Center.

  16. out there of them trying to trying to shoot over their lead but in this case right there was history the after the Kemper is Kennedy homered in the third and you've faced thirteen president's new week and a half ago you're in the lineup when he pitched

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  18. And you know discount her minors you know we're all kind of went our separate ways in the summer time that you know review score or things his. In western they're getting game shape and get some problems that well. Youth movement if you do it's right. Yeah. Just you know. Roy just very very

  19. here. Tom so we'll take extra time with I'm thinking ago Kennedy . Extra time away from the ice surface to explain some more ..... so the bigger the committee that are out there and it. Well Kennedy . In particular has been has some experience he's quick

  20. build upon that. Look at all the players. Starting with putting Brent Burns as a forward bringing repertory season Tyler Kennedy . You talk to a Thomas and some other players the players we have the ingredients are looking forward ten matchup with the