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10.28: SJS/DET -- game highlights



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  2. Ian White1:06
  3. San Jose2:08, 2:12
  4. Ice-T1:14
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  6. Thornton2:01
  7. Red Wings1:28
  8. power play0:40, 1:21
Fri, 28 Oct 2011|

Brodie Brazil brings you all the big plays from the Sharks' 4-2 win over the Red Wings


Machine Generated Transcript

First meeting of the season for straight scoreless Lidstrom shoots it off the end boards Zetterberg Darren gets -- rebound and the score one I think Detroit. The Sharks probably knew that was coming. They talked about that before the game as -- -- and obviously instilled it's easy to watch from in here with all the replays but. They knew it was coming and obviously they capitalized on it. Still the first on lawsuits is deflected in by Tomas Holmstrom for the goal but. Holmstrom as we know called for goaltender interference is disallowed any controversial play -- Curtis doesn't think it was interference. Just go on the fence but if you mentioned we have the benefit of this week. And slow motion so we take into the second period and as the Sharks in the power play. Marty -- flat pass into Ryan while Ryan close quarters and games tied at one now four assists. We might have plans for scores from games how big is his -- Yeah obviously great playmaker. Patty Marleau made mention that he takes time with the puck he just doesn't throw it away and he's got a great head on his shoulders -- he's a good thinker the hockey. Did you say Patrick model because here he is just a couple minutes later on the breakaway out dueling Ian White and when to stop the puck real. Sure that that's what he's doing had a defenseman and that paddy Marleau so that's -- decision gets on the Ice-T you know it's the most of these. Then as you did there I would say it was probably at his own blue line that -- guessing I still the second wins in the power play hobbled Dotson so duck soup he had his shot. Deflected in by Tomas Holmstrom being tied to another thing with the Red Wings didn't so very well and some very off. It's tough to get their stick great there and obviously that boils off to decide it doesn't -- throw a double screen and now obviously Holmstrom put them. The displayed by -- Horton now we didn't see how it developed but -- only got behind Detroit's. Yeah you know what happened earlier on this play is Lidstrom came in to pinch hit into the pocket and Joseph short notice that took off he just put his head down and took off what ended up happening was. He was all alone and he'll belt you found out what to. And Internet TV towers has pulled -- in less than a minute left it's going to be Joseph Thornton getting his second goal of the contest is one empty net fashion. That seals the deal to San Jose Sharks could mean for you when that is now fourth in a -- For San Jose and I guess if you're counting. Well -- quite a few in Detroit over the years past 21 games now the last couple years for the Sharks lost two years between the Sharks in the wings. And yet another one decided by just a single goal of course we'll throw in the game winner there.

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