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Late penalties doom Sharks in Game 2



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  4. Justin Williams1:10
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Sun, 19 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

This was pretty close to a must win for the Sharks as they are home for game three against Los Angeles in Iraq in HP pavilion. Everybody. -- controversy happened in game two of the delayed game gave up five on three. They tie it over the other two to go in regulation and then they wind up winning it point two seconds later sort of a -- little Shell -- won't guess life. If they can Shell shocked here early and penalty and then. And then right here Dan -- right off a faceoff with a great faceoff win that's been a strength of all season long you can see Dustin Brown could not hit the shot later Dan Boyle. City beach Jonathan Quick brought early one nothing lead finally for the Sharks again -- delayed game proves costly this time it's for LA. Anti Niemi. To Brad Stuart called goodness Stewart with a big time mistake right they -- turnover and it's costly. Yeah just a beautiful little shop everybody's young to boy we've been hot for them the last few games but -- one -- the few -- the Sharks. Five minutes ago in the period Brent Burns with a chance born with a chance just lie. This -- the line all night long that was a threat they were doing everything getting pucks in front of them they're all full body being very physical just like Brad Stuart there on Justin Williams Williams that tough series and he's been on the ice off the night. He came back later in the game but certainly still feeling the effects of a clean hit. From Brad Stuart. Second period now. Logan Couture pushed awkwardly into the boards. He would leave the game. For a -- -- -- good time yeah definitely would've been very awkwardly gravity is me grabbed his ankle don't believe what he was -- there but it did. -- your record your Salvation Army friend and you're holding your breath here too as the Sharks almost get one Tommy would -- with a deflection. But Jonathan Quick. Is too tough there under -- to go in the period Sharks had a penalty kill. Just in front -- usually glove in I almost. Want to deflecting it right past Niemi yeah you'll learn that the young defensemen in the national I think he just let the bullpen -- take care about and that's what the play early. You just gotta wonder again with a great play by Patrick Marleau and then -- about that Al division they have put Jonathan Quick with a huge save at that time of the game. Third period we go. Joseph Thornton. Wraparound that says we'll all just wide a lot of great chances we like our guests are Scott -- got -- a lot of blunders but they're. -- -- the reasons -- it's a great scoring opportunity but. Another guy had a strong game baseball bats cool backhand shot outside that belt but -- -- -- tried to get -- quick sweep of the bullet holes but. What Jon quick has won at Wimbledon. The other end Dustin Penner with a great scoring chance here nice speed to better Niemi -- say yeah. You just start of the third period was all the LA kings early on in the third but that was the same -- they have by Niemi makes about Dustin Penner. Final seconds of regulation Trevor Lewis. Boils over Niemi saw that a case got a big problem based on overtime. Down 20 Sharks went up five on three big game has dealt a five on three but then the five on board turns out to be problem. -- and at the tour back in the game yeah. Mean back in the game all right -- very -- there celebrates his rework shots on the shelf ready for that spot with a great. Well executed our plays that got to go for the so -- Sharks tonight you will be needed -- Scott that's what we talk about the need power play goals they got tonight. The Sharks out shoot out chance out hit and out face off LA. And they developed outshot the kings 10678. In the three games in this.

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