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Behind the scenes at Golden Gate Fields



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Sat, 8 Jun 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Well will have no Triple Crown winner and horse racing again but that doesn't mean the Belmont Stakes is a lackluster race. For example we'll see a rubber match between Kentucky Derby winner Oregon preakness winner -- spoke. With the related story lines. Can't or bounce back from a debacle -- Pimlico and what the heck happened to him. And can 77 year old trainer Wayne Lukas and fifteen year old jockey Gary Stevens do it again. With fox -- we also have a female jockey -- and probably writing a female horse unlimited budget for the first time in the race's history and oh by the way. For the first time in the 145. Year run of the Belmont ten horses from the Kentucky Derby. Will be back to run in this race -- no Triple Crown winner but it's still an iconic and very interesting race. Saturday not to miss the 145. Running of the Belmont Stakes and he's he's wall to wall coverage begins at noon with a pretty great show on NBC sports network. Then switch over to NBC Bay Area at 2 o'clock for the race. So this weekend of 145 running of the Belmont Stakes in. Well this is kind of a second home to me golden gate fields every weekend I like to have a mount or two along the way you see myself in fact it's quite officially see the big -- for -- more. But we are ready for the Belmont and this is our horse racing analysts think Comcast sports net his name is Sam spear and as we talk about the Belmont Stakes -- talk about whether first. They're getting deluged with rain right now on the Friday. Brightest star in the Carolinas -- his way up to the East Coast right in the new York and at least it won't be a hell of a hot day in the sand. No it won't be but it might stop overnight how much will we have to worry about the slop as we take a look at the race. Well and under until 630 tomorrow. New York Times. So. Give them -- lifetime network track. If they can get on track came detectors on its moment because of his money may be we know who has an advantage because back in the Kentucky Derby didn't we see someone run away with a little -- a slap on their. Well that was or and that was my pick in the preakness and unfortunately. -- went wire to wire Gary Stevens fifty years old. But I think you know I was gonna bounce back. In the Belmont tomorrow and went all right let's are talking about your picks -- now we know what you think is gonna win you some of the other horses to look at the don't consider India after hacking it take a look at freedom child has won at Belmont in the slot. That's a long shot. 821 and we have revolutionary who ran well in the Kentucky Derby. Finished maybe three lengths and is in the Belmont. Am in a golden soul was a runner up in the Kentucky Derby the -- But I like -- -- -- malice ticket part of the money palace analyses sake it's part of the money on don't fret that. It's a good name frank daddy and -- a thirty to one shots he would definitely gone for the long shot and now when we talk Belmont Stakes history forty years ago when it is this the anniversary of they're calling and won the most remarkable sporting feats of all time. As secretary it went wire to wire and won by thirty. One lane 31 lengths and secretariat. Winning the Triple Crown became what in in sports history where was what was that rank recently when sports. Illustrated their 100. Top athletes. Of the 21 century it's. Secretariat was number 25. That is a great feat to have happened this is the place to be for the Belmont Stakes golden gate -- what's coming up this weekend out here -- we -- you know the wine festival little music and -- food. On Belmont day tomorrow and the next week we're gonna wrap it up. With Father's Day another dollar gate and closing day. We'll take a hiatus for too much sand you get it ready -- might go take a few more rounds miles guys or round so there you have that actually hurts guys Belmont Stakes it's coming up thanks Sam.

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