5.16: HOU/SFG Postgame- Brian Wilson with Jaymee Sire


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Wed, 10 Oct 2012|

Lincecum joins Jaymee Sire and says being in the 'pen has allowed him to put his struggles this season in the rear view mirror,


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Lets him land a big game for you guys like big game for you personally what was it like created to be able to come -- -- the bullpen and be so effective and get your team's excellent. I think the situation kind of Middle -- here obviously we had the lead. You know we had two outs in RS I -- got that strikeout so. You're coming that I felt like I kind of had the edge on on on a long -- in that situation. And obviously it's a ready ready situation that. Not just tons of confidence coming on the and you know just kind of letting go -- what is going on on the here and just focusing on what we need to do to win and that's just being aggressive on the mound throwing strikes and you know aggressively you know on the field. Andrew said that you know kind of the messages. We'll see you tomorrow and take thing and you guys came in here wrote to mean. Now the momentum has really you know should get your -- mean how do you guys feel coming here tomorrow -- -- coming down. You know as good as as we can and obviously. Took investing and uphold the kind of try something a little bit extra out of ourselves notes it's about digging deep. And find an extra we've been I guess I can just give you that we're leaving on the field so. To have -- like -- that come in here make those speeches. You know and and and one thing for -- to take hold and for people to believe -- that's another thing I guess that he hasn't been here that long. You just tough -- the guys work ethic his mentality the way attacks you know the ball -- we're happy the way he goes about his business in baseball. That this guy is just all about baseball -- all about winning and about the team.

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    points two off his career high. Jamie sire caught up just moments ago. either 31 ..... this road trip I mean how can he keep his momentum going. Man. No lose. Hopefully just ..... this great game and I hope we take this momentum and I keep going. congratulations to

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    get a double play in the preseason and instead there. And coming off this great fit. We just didn't again. Think that momentum going this city and before that hit the team had. Yeah we are very tough. Familiar it's. True too. Hank particularly

  1. couldn't come with a trade that would work for them and I think to be fine I think the team will be. Kind of picking up momentum as is this season gets into the middle and late stages I think it's a good thing Scott is the NFL trading deadline the most

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    Football League. They're tough to come by so for us to get a win get our record to three and got an opportunity with Philadelphia coming in here. You know to play well get our record back to 500 in in on they re create a little momentum .

  3. win this game any they must win game for the Raiders. It's definitely need to win game because you can start to feel some momentum being built here and if they can win two games in a row. Going into a stretch for they have four out of five games on the

  4. start the game I thought the there's a big run for trolls. You know huge play in the game to be able often get that type of momentum . In game against a defense that you know there's not a man given up a lot of explosive plays in first started a game that

  5. this team here together in the up and you know how that is you're just open for anything going your way early and countless momentum from them. Then it was a really important recruits are faster. And on the we can play and our overlook him. And Thornton

  6. Carnoustie in the field extremely well. Use his legs on third down. To pick up first downs that was. I was a great great momentum boost for for our club kept drives alive. Mr. your performance. Offense defense. Special teams again. opportunistic and

  7. he can do. I thought he kind of really got us going the second when he drove and created a scoring chance kind of got some momentum going for us and we begin to talk a little bit more. We've got to it. lesson learned take us when you when you look at

  8. you would put in your fantasy lineup. This weekend and we're talking quarterback's first and this guy's got a lot of momentum from 06 to now one in six. Yeah I get a huge number one in the right column for once man. He's been a fantasy Freddy resorts

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  10. know he pounded he wants to read about possible the ones. You Goran because well. I want you to be us saw he compared to me momentum and it's countries us we belongs. Andrea really worked. Awfully. Lost two months of season has improved marked the meant

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  12. goal that. Find the back an awful long rebound. Out of fourteen games this is a different for once. We're talking about momentum Sharks in the power play anytime you give up for it's usually not a good thing in the Flames got a little life. The Flames

  13. confidence in each other and doesn't matter who course puts out there were just really confident. You know if was about shift of the time for the next group goes there and get some momentum for some additional really feed off each other

  14. allowed us to get the lead it changed the momentum of the game. But it also gave we give ..... t I don't believe he's carrying momentum more from game to game and adjust to ..... but. his body well hum. Created some momentum early in the game with just fortunate

  15. possible right now and now I'm not up his interview with. It still shows that he's one of the people put it right this momentum the Indians this is it. Just hit it backwards at us it's. Not giving away state secrets. We we made sure we knew the rules

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    David Ortiz's grand slam capped the Red Sox's 8th-inning rally, and a walk-off single finished off the series-tying win

  17. see a guy like Campbell go down and you've you're out there. And you're right there distraught and you've got good momentum going on as far as put these guys away and something like that you see that does that throw your game does that just set you

  18. but it kind of like that was the turning point of this football game. Definitely that I think it'd just really changed the momentum right there it was a terrible throw and he hasn't been making those throws he had thrown a pick since we won you can. By

  19. vaunted secondary this Seattle Seahawks. That I was really unfathomable that he pulled that off but I think you've got to keep momentum rolling this week on the other side of the ball that Monday night they'll. I'm going to have to think either the Chargers

  20. this game. Was the you know Vancouver made it 21 on this generally all I thought they had a little bit of little bit of the momentum and and then it was line did an absolutely fantastic job to terse you know created a turnover Kennedy what a pass and Marleau