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2.3: Inside the Cage -- Strikeforce review, UFC 126 preview



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Fri, 20 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I would continue here -- Yahoo! Sports talk live UNC won 65 going on up in Toronto on Saturday night John geology is ready to fight he joins us here on the program. And John out last time we saw you your -- -- -- Sonnen did meets on and but do you come away and and the winner is big all right but you also came away with a pretty bad toe injury I was the foot right now as you get ready for this fight. From my foot is going really good you know I. I had to stay out there have been a lot of and it it's they stitched up cousin who were about four months book thing that I am. -- fully healed and just takes everybody to send all the thought that's was is that on Twitter doing that feeling good and very. -- you get Swedish delight Alex Goosen Singh coming up on Saturday up in Toronto this guy's a real mixed martial arts -- How do you -- this type of challenge that type of fighter whose descendants. Well basically at his stats first embrace the challenge humanize my opponent. I realize that everything that I've been able to accomplish has not been coincidence but assessment our work and dedication that I put into this sport. Just remain confident. And that's trust myself. It's just -- my training and I believe all work out. Have you learned any Swedish trash talk as you get ready for the Saturday night out of UNC won 65. I have -- But I did go to get to go to Sweden and I was a phenomenal experience and has some beautiful people and I saw some of those few places I've ever seen there's an accident so check that out you can. I will say this year now considered the new pound for pound champ right now you're the toughest guy. When you look at the octagon after you are sitting I think it was they just octagon side when he saw Anderson Silva. Get knocked out cold so. So the -- of the new guy looked at it what did you learn from watching Anderson Silva get beat up like that is there are some that work. You kind of have to always have that the back your mind that you either have to be the attacker or. It could and pretty quickly. Yeah you know I was learn anything from that by. It was just more reassurance like. Reassurance like what are we are you know as fighters got to respect your opponent you gotta have your hands ten down. You got -- the field at all times better days ago. So just to see. One of the greatest champions in Astros history in -- think. -- look -- it's just it's just reassured me -- I think of -- concern. Standpoint to -- Carlson kickoff. Air Canada Centre in Toronto club for UFC 165. Why you're in upstate New York guys and that's just a couple of hours. Is this going to be kind of a home cage fight for you coming up on Saturday night. Oh yeah there is that -- to say this is going to be -- Home field advantage type -- thing you know it's really close. Junior stated everyone's gonna come I try not -- that. I'm just so excited and.

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  19. back and forth the lamb visited him in any fight but I going to. A lot of that's gonna be a great wanna watch Freddie UNC fan UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez. Thanks for joining us here chronicle live in good luck this weekend. Thank you.

  20. in his home territory it's your first UFC fight what do you expect the crowd them ..... big place in the past but this is a big UFC about this is the one you focus on that ..... is another fight for me. It is me a CD UFC debut that isn't as the fight. How different