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Chael Sonnen ready for TD Garden battle Saturday



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  2. Orange County2:03
  3. Michael Bisping2:15, 2:35
  4. Huntington Beach2:04
  5. GM1:08
  6. Led Zeppelin0:28
  7. Anderson Silva0:38
  8. living legend3:01
Thu, 15 Aug 2013|

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-- -- I know is a huge UNC battle coming up this weekend in Boston and Chara taking on Shogun eagle there were legal battles to get to and despite boss what was going on jail. I don't even know what we're talking about here's what I bring to Boston our mouthpiece. Cub. And -- masses the support of the masses sold out the TD garden jails on and on top of the bill sold out the TD. Garden. In record time faster than Led Zeppelin it's all let out a decade ago. That's good I like to hear that well done but in twenty tenure in Oakland here fighting Anderson Silva your kicking his butt. And then yeah tap out controversial finish do you still think -- -- -- so -- three B yeah. What that did not it was a good fight for Silva and in my head understood the rules that night I would allow for the championship. I tapped out in the final round which I thought. -- you lose that round. I didn't know that you lost the fight as a whole and how I understood that I would not have done and I've got to plead ignorance on this one job. RD I like that GM but you gonna Joseph doesn't matter I will say this that your Yahoo! Sports talk like we're big fans of them -- When mark -- goes on the other day he's being you've trained with him what do you look for his big fight coming up in England and October. If I -- love those fights that those guys have been one to get after each other for awhile now -- you know that won't work hard their poll top ten guys that I believe the ball in the top five now. They've all been in this close to title shots but my here's a story that a lot of people don't know what's most interest in about this fight. It's those two guys trained together before. They spent. I don't know how much time in the room together but they spent some time working out. Then bullpen came out of those transactions make NY could be that guy and I don't think why can be that guy. So. There is a little bit -- story there you know their ball from the Orange County Huntington Beach area they're only about thirty miles apart right now they're essentially training side by side. The ball -- each other well. And then -- think they can win and that makes for a very good fight. I'm Michael Bisping is that guy he's known as a trash talker you are known as a trash talkers in this thing in your class. When it comes to trash talking opponents between fights. You know he he didn't have that title he wants and that's certainly not one that I want to have. Or that I never tried to have a lot. Michael Bisping is an excellent fighter I I really wish that he would've got his title shot before I thought he was gonna get through -- and get it. And he's as a very good job of of letting people know when when he's got a fight coming up and he's got his hands fall we've got is real handful of mark. And yes are we managing your fight coming up this weekend in Boston it's against Shogun who like he is a legend a living legend. In and then made this is a big time -- going on in Boston. And you'll being such a legend what are you gonna do what you have to do to beat a guy like Shogun hula in Boston this weekend. Well I really kill I think he's tough I think -- skill he's a former world champion he's one of the -- that view. Absolutely feel there's only about three -- out there true legends. In this sport that are still competing today. I have nothing but appreciation for his skills he's good he's not made but he's good. I that's not really trash talk but at least you're saying he's good but it's -- Saturday night fight why should I give them like Saturday night to watch you fight was so big about this. I don't wanna sell you I don't sell fights I don't promote fights I picked fights here's what I can tell you we sold this arena out fast starts today. Do you follow music Guns 'N Roses played here three months ago we solve this -- were you out faster than they did. We will be in ninety million homes we have the opportunity to be the highest watched part of all kind of car record is six. Point eight million we will be in nine need. Million homes we only need 10% of those people that tune in and I can guarantee you over 70%. Well and the other 30%. It's just because they couldn't find that channel this is in high demand I don't need anybody else -- if you have something to do. Go do it I promise you people will be telling you about it I promise you. Will be covered 24/7 on -- that's why I promise you ES PM the front pave the Boston Herald the New York Times the Los Angeles Times. TMZ will be front page news the biggest fight of the year. The greatest flyer to ever exist -- piece on -- we'll take on the former champion Shogun who -- -- -- do you have a -- my -- Go enjoy yourself because they'll be no lines of the restaurants everybody will be home and they'll be watching and me. Channel Phillip Phillips they did a faster -- they would -- Blake thanks for joining us there you go.

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