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10.27: UFC 137 press conference



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Thu, 13 Jun 2013|

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UFC 161. Coming up Saturday June 15 they're doing -- north of the border this time. Did get a -- -- the pay per view but there are some questions with the cards. When you have UNC questions. We go to the top man in the pecking order. Resident of the UNC is Dana White joins us here on the program and Dana. Yeah cards set then you had to switch around a little bit how difficult was UFC 161. How -- that -- to put together for you. Not a bad you know this the kind of stuff that happens it's bully me. After last year I can get through anything. You know we we had a couple of bumps on this card but nobody. Yeah about how difficult is it when the main event co main event when they're both gone and you got to -- the big names and a cart. Last year we had we had I write something like nine out of twelve last year. Mean it called main events falling out. So how did that affect the paper view when you have those big names out. We still have a good here last year I mean that we didn't have the you know the big massive fights that we wanted to have last year but you know we still have a good -- -- the thing is that. People used to be USC always delivers we always put together great cards we fix the cards when this stuff happens in boxing out to cancel the card. We've put together great guards and whether you buy it on paper view show up the linebacker. You get what you want to feel quite fan you wanna stay home on Saturday night he wanna watch great fights. And I and I say this all the time and it's truth and thirteen years I can count on one hand how many cards and saw where you've actually had a horrible the entire card was terrible. -- now and unfortunately every once in awhile you gonna get one of those but would. We're in Winnipeg this Saturday we never bat. And if you've never been to a live event. Yeah it's just it's been the most exciting while sporting event you'll ever see so what we're gonna blow the doors off this place on Saturday Winnipeg we showed. We got Evans vs Henderson stylistically both guys are wrestlers and these guys -- an -- up both guys have knock out power fun flight. I'm Nelson vs steep pay they pay check title in the -- and knock them out is on this crazy knock -- streak of like. Twelve or thirteen -- in a row. And speak today is a really good boxer which most -- guys give Roy Nelson problems another thing fight. And just the rest of the cars all guys. Like that. -- I would put a bunch of guys huge USC fans by the paper view each and every time that I look at this cards in there's so many changes I'm not so sure I want this. You tell people why they should by UNC won 61 now they're questioning that decision. While a third question whether they should buy 161 that not that big of fans should not life and like I am not quite stand. I stayed home on Saturdays I watched boxing I watched any type of finding I love fighting and this is a great card. But I mean this they are quite a bit about wanna see Evans vs Henderson or or Nelson vs the Kansas crazy. On this is a great guard -- -- then there's been almost Saturday watching or you go to the bar watch it or or anywhere else. UFC 161 always great -- -- -- Dana White is a president you have C thanks Mike. Thank you appreciate it.

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