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Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

No I haven't mark Munoz here I'm here -- that there's sometimes some -- festival here and Filipino privileges. Celebrating our heritage our our culture and we're just gonna miss some moves out here and if he went to Iowa. What about this kinda stop herself -- follow me. When I was a kid growing up. Nice -- face them. I did go the Philippine president and mom mom mom may have an affable little mom come home run in in -- good -- can be. Then like this thank its drive and -- came out and it's so good so. That meeting here. On natural football drivable hole it. Okay. And the angle my. Check it out manned there right now. Dime them and then go maybe. Career. -- got that we got that dull boy that's breakfast table in the Philippines we got punched this little -- -- My favor and climb down -- -- the -- this -- -- me and it has been on the job. But -- bacteria. And so have you guys know -- of building -- green this thing. Okay very good job. Went -- yeah. My guys is. It concludes -- you're here this behind them and just -- That's the -- in 2013. Right now I've got to get on stage guys do my thing up there and let everybody -- I got my fight coming -- Bob I was winning six in mainland. Manchester let them we kind of -- -- -- -- -- Yet thank you thank you drift -- so. Are banging on the part that's the CNN. Now that would like an awful lot of fun his time festival grand Marshall of the parade right here by the way mark Munoz UNC middleweight. Joins us it was that like going of the Palestine you're. -- you're dialed -- the food is what you work I was I was asked if would I grew upon in this the food that's a college so food. And that's it for that love and everytime I see it -- when he grabbed a big handful of stuff and in my mouth like pop out on top overall all -- on and Danielle and almost see that brings back a lot of memories to that would go to the story might see a lot of -- wrong here in China like mom please can I have some sort of homage that Mel. No you can't look at her home grown what is there's there's like. Neither is his month slavery -- they are but it's it's delicious local -- -- sounds very good this is an ankle mangled by -- global goes is coconut in the dollar gamble go. This day is the young coComment and it just it it's it has -- really down. Kind of the in great taste in intuit and then you put in mango managed to super. Super Arsenal in your mouth it's -- celebration -- amount about his -- Elusive as you are in the ring -- a little bit about you know what's going on a hole when you go in and fight you let's see when you go into the octagon. And how much of the Filipino community are you taking with you I'm. I'm taking in the whole Filipino community with me I grew up very very Filipino. I grew up in the culture I grew up eating the food I grew up in them on the traditions that we. So we have been and down very very Filipino I'm 100% my -- growth in the Philippines and moved here. For a better life and and you know I grew up. Just very Filipino so I I take him everybody in the whole culture with me. We're gonna take -- whole Filipino community you're gonna have to go across the pond in a fight England's -- against Michael biz thing. Why would you choose to fight visiting on his home turf innings. You know what I had no choice but I don't care really and you really don't I used to wrestle for Oklahoma State. And across away from us was Iowa. -- guys and it's just it feels just the same and I find Birmingham before. -- F five Kristen even there he was a fan favorite I was in booed as I was walking really and then now is I was in cheer for whereas on the way out. So I see at the -- I see the same way. You know there's actually a lot of Filipinos in England. As well if that's not yet -- -- -- in their communities and it is important that -- -- a price a lot of ground you walk around that we don't say we don't think we love being a local guys do well on the weekend talks a lot of trash has -- -- in the same era and you know I'm not that it talks trash too much -- not but you know I'll just state the facts in Allen and that's what I'll do -- And if she detox Amare you know I I just. I just you know. Rebuttal everything he says which is seen facts that's it. No they're all that I -- background in economy or stay here shirt TN studios -- down there with what your signature move was a call. You know eyes and what's my ground and pound. And that's what I'm known for his Cardinals in a name for those yet because -- Donkey -- dog he's not all right on -- his dad that was in -- -- self proclaimed by the way you know it was given to me and and I said it one game Collison and just karma qualifier in. And I just stuck with it and you also a pretty cool nickname the Filipino wrecking machine here so we're net income for so when my first find my managers sent me and you look like the recognition and so how about the Philippines. Wrecking machine I'm like wow. That says it really get into it today and I said okay. I didn't like give. But that and then when I heard on the loudspeaker. It sounded great and but then. I'm not a Philippine -- I'm Filipino. So it dramatically. Incorrect. I'm so excited change from Philippines Filipino I like that. This. -- said you bring the entire community and strength are so big fight coming up in October UFC middleweight mark Munoz is gonna go do what England beat up on now Michael is being. And now we -- 'cause we always root for the local guys to do -- -- really gonna be great thanks so much for joining us and on sports talk like please friend me.

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