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Inside Fight Sports -- Modesto's McDonald set to impress at UFC 145 ; Nick Diaz announces his next move



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Fri, 8 Mar 2013|

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USC women's bantamweight champ -- -- joining us on chronicle live Rhonda. -- all the training and media hype leading up to UFC 157 you've had an incredibly busy last few months. It's been two weeks now since you beat Liz Kerr -- have you had a chance to catch your breath celebrate and can think about the victory at all it's happened. Not really. To me comments last fairly confident after the fight and three days and that we could call -- that adamant commercials and they're finally am like 05 city tour sell I had immediately stop. You know sitting on the couch and eating wings and I have bad. Diet again and work out again in your -- that you have been around in the middle of like a five city tour. And I've been doing media has sends it down this morning diamond -- -- several hours is probably my sixteenth and -- and saw there hasn't been a lot of time for reflection had but. I had a reserve of the fifth to the 31 of this month for everyone to leave me alone I'm -- -- sit on the island little one palm tree in the -- -- -- big little finger no cellphone. Other than the media circus how exactly did you celebrate your win over list. I see it a bunch of up blowing I think I ate like a hundred Buffalo and and then I had some cookies and I took him out. -- -- -- -- -- Did tyrant like yeah and imparted on this half -- like I am so tired male non brand new wings put things sleep. I read that and on again I'm very peaceful and -- and was there -- ravenous after a -- I'd say you knew going into USC won 57 that -- bush would present a good challenge you won. But it was arguably your toughest fight as an and then -- contests and how would you evaluate your performance in this particular about. I know that there's a lot of things I need to do to improve. But. I -- also point out things that we missed during camp I know I realized that during camp that down. When we're doing work on the walls really doing -- roughly one of us grappling it was in the middle of the math and so mistakes and -- was. I was doing something the would have been safe to do about in the middle of -- might not have her she was stuck in the -- like that she was able to climb up the side of the cage and I think my back. But that's all solid really good because I would much rather decide to learn from winning than be forced to learn from losing. And it made the fight a lot more dramatic and for everybody watching since Tuesday Goodell has made to look vulnerable for a little moment. Because it puts a lot more excitement and uncertainty in the division. So everybody always wants to know what's next let's finish forward have you given. Any thought as your next fight when it might be who it might be -- is it still little premature to go out there. Yeah miss -- -- none are playing. In April on Ultimate Fighter for now I kind of the coming in and kicking and back has the not a was one of the few women now undefeated at the moment nothing could be great to have. Two undefeated women fighters coming together for the title and also I mean you shot. Fought her. The -- when I first took and the first place and it's it's well known Manny and I aren't exactly friends. And I I always it really is relishing the opportunity to have to give the business again. So I think I do I like to watch that as well so whoever wins mean the best fighter women around me very happy to take on the winner. But by all accounts the karma which I was a huge success CU might argue not just for you. But for women's sports in general Dana White said it was quote a big night for women. How do you feel about being the face not only of women's UFC but of women's -- sports in general. It's cold and I am very grateful whenever people I -- to give me that title but. I know I like to call myself that hard to really think about it too much. -- -- watching all time in my life so we're pioneer people overlook another -- years from now on a New Year's -- this thing and I'm a time thing about it paying job. I've been fighting my whole life I was going to be a fighter and this is what I do in the long run out and I didn't do this to become a pioneer and did this because I was too stubborn to fall into approved professions are any existence for me. I didn't have the opportunity to make a living being a fireside created an opportunity make a living being a fighter and that's all of those. I ultimately did this often very selfish reasons and I'm very happy that it's benefitting other people but. -- -- Can't really take on the way to the responsibility need to be doing this for everybody because this is just too much since the cook way to stop enjoying right. Got fair enough and now earlier this week you sign on with the William Morris Agency there have been. Rumblings you might be interest didn't eventually doing a little acting joining the entertainment world. Outside of UFC. Is the entertainment industry in your future. I mean right now fighting in my main priority have. Seen other fighters like down like Rampage Jackson in the past can't be. He distracted by Hollywood stuff like he was on eighteen in amazing job when he was never really the same fighter. I don't really wanna lose my rhythm especially when I feel like I'm just reached my peak. Solemn at this point you know fighting is my main priority -- a very short shelf life inviting him. If we can fit some other you know Hollywood based -- an -- round -- fighting I'd be very happy to do that. But not until after I retire from playing and why make something like that -- some other. Outside -- weren't seeing things kind of more my priority. -- so if you eventually do get into that Hollywood -- stuff and you could work with any movie -- any actor or actress. Who's your dream costar. Boone who I want to work plan. Tom -- is really cute. The value they got the ball land. And I and Erin did that and they went bad anime movie a warrior and stuff like that they have to really go. I just -- zombies on the zombie thing. -- it's good to have goals. I'd say here in the Bay Area we've got a guy Nick Diaz from Stockton who's taking part in UFC 158 next Saturday you worked and train with nick tell us about them and give us your thoughts. On the upcoming Georges saint Pierre. Out just I think it is very very long overdue it was meant to happen -- outcomes of four and suddenly the stars and all line and the offense really going to happen and and and make Philly has been a lot of my -- -- sense before you restarted Damon way. I think he is embodies what it really means to be a fighter and dom. I have. I really see a big change in attitude in Jeter's defense I really think bad dad -- -- riled up and taking it personally and you know now. I really respect him as an athlete and as a businessman I really feel like. Sense is Boston mass there -- he's really lost the Russian they're rushing Pierre and I really kind of see that down. That fire coming back into him in -- this fight inside really calm. Anticipate this being. When those fights where we're gonna remember this for very long time I hope that this is one of the best cars I would never seen. I'm down I really hope that they come out and put it all out on the line and tone it down and go out to defeat each other and not just to win some rounds. It's we hope so as well run around -- thanks for joining us here on chronicle live best of luck to you in the future and hopefully we'll talk to again before you get back into the ring. Thank you -- -- --

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