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Pride Fighting

1.2: OAK/KC postgame -- Stanford Routt



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Wed, 7 Aug 2013|

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Football is back and make sure you go to CSN Bay Area dot com and check out of 49ers training camp page 49ers insiders man male would no one covers the team. Like he does he's got the latest member of the forty niners are up -- as they get ready to play of the pre season. Are we continued on Yahoo! Sports talk live joined by forty niners linebacker Michael will play Michael goes seven games coming up on Thursday how excited are you had to hit someone. Now we're a different uniform. Very side and I mean -- you always enjoy hidden anybody did did is across from you Weathers you know you're teammates there would not you know cause. When you hit your teammates is a pride thing you know you get to brag a little bit when you get out of practice and talk a little trash but. You know it is not them better than you know going against another guy on another team on Venus this a competitive nature -- -- are we all played his game I think we all local bubble we all love to compete. And I think first and foremost from the -- my number one thing is to compete. Wanna I wanna get sick outs -- teams and could be wanna I wanna just a down offense and defense so I'm I'm very excited. -- as linebackers little banged up Willis says they hand -- Bowman had a growing situation for a little bit how many more reps are you starting to get. As you guys worked through training camp. You know away I'm getting quite a big but I'll always gotten caught. You know. My fair share we do a good day here we split been. You know we always make sure to -- injuries get a lot of grabs I think that's one great thing about this organization and one. A blessing in being used -- you know you hear you're gonna get opportunity showed she can do because they're gonna split of the reps evenly amongst the most guys you know of course the one's gonna get a few more. But they'd they'd give everybody a shot so. Most addressed before but now it's just heightened a little bit I think the urgency is a little bit more because. It just shows -- you never know what can happen a -- you heard any time and also mission numbers of once I do you play scout team next second you start and so. You just never know and I think that's the whole. The whole thing behind it. -- now the fun stuff you played your college football at Washburn what the heck is a fighting ichabods. I what I've been told is it's a it's our mascot is a big guy did. And built a school or. Gave the money for the school. Was is the last name was -- the body -- first things that divide one the other. As I guess he just decided that he would name the school after so. Interesting path for you in the NFL you play in the US fell for a short time it's still one of the differences between the minor league and then on a team to the super all. I say to atmosphere the biggest did this difference is that mr. Amin is still competitive at that level you know you got guys have to play professional football you -- guys' individual schools. So still very competitive but -- atmosphere you know you got 7080000 people compared to 1520000. People you got. You know top notch -- top not say it is a coast top notch had coats. You know compared to you know I always say top and not -- their battery thing but it's as it did you know it's a different level you know and so you just treated different atmosphere is different the fans and they're afraid from your teammates a divot so assisted different atmosphere. I am not the most active on Twitter that you had something recently suffering builds character what does that mean you. -- You know what I had watched it in movie one of my favorite movies is -- in the newest one to back Dark Knight rises in. I predict the girl's name but remains partner that -- he says suffering -- scared -- in. You know I feel like you know as in through life. In order to build character in order to become a better person and -- take steps forward. You have this humble yourself you have to go through the negative things like get to go -- The tough times you have to be pushed back a little bit in order to continue to push for it I mean a lot of times we. We did so complacent with success and we get complacent with you know always being -- always -- the best. In and we have nothing it was a senate gonna make us better and I think that all goes back at a competitive aspect of you know and I like football but life you know we compete and -- just to become a better person every day in essence you know I think suffering builds character comes from.

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