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Introducing Anquan; Texas haunts W's; Resilient Sharks



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  2. Western Conference1:41
  3. Alamo Bowl1:05
  4. 49ers0:14
  5. Sharks1:32, 1:40
  6. Warriors0:50, 0:51, 0:55
  7. Super Bowl ring0:20
  8. Columbus1:44
  9. Phoenix1:43
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Thu, 21 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Time now who who Wednesday's morning news on this and the area dot com. Happy Thursday everyone on the -- here in the Comcast sports net studios with your morning minute there's a new man in -- and he's determined to help the 49ers -- -- suitable -- introduced their new receiver Anquan -- on Wednesday. The former raven just won a Super Bowl ring but he's moving on and he's already getting on the same page with Colin Capra that. Had a chance to talk -- sorry you were with a special Q. Smart. Very athletic. And you know from the old partner so -- open to -- quarter one another from Africa among them to -- Know geography -- when we can get together. Store -- -- Americans. All of the Warriors. Second quarter Warriors down nine and -- -- Let's -- a workout Warriors down there. Great course they had beaten San Antonio in San Antonio in a long time. It's been since 1997 last Sunday at that tasted victory down by the Alamo Bowl. Wasn't good again Tim -- point five points thirteen boards Spurs win 1049 victory. Feel hall of fame player an all time great. Certainly out of a big night tonight. Think overall New York you know we've played well. But overall return to basketball. And -- Some second shots hurt -- holes. Bad news they're good news for the Sharks though they went 43 in a shootout they went on the road for just the second time in their last nine road games both those wins coming in the shoot out the Sharks currently sit eighth in the Western Conference standings -- points up on both Phoenix. And Columbus next up with someone for them at Minnesota that has been -- morning -- -- -- have a great Thursday everyone. That was the windy this morning but.