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Meet SaberCats' jack-of-all-trades Mitch Mustain


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Sun, 12 May 2013|

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It's a lot of studying you know at night -- -- manager -- really well. You know study a lot and give those play books. When others opened eyes. Closed. Power is getting him. I think just be good speed up a lot more with the rest because it here but a select SEC prepared me for the speed that I'm seeing right now. You know there -- -- pretty normal to me. Your game translate from college world. We know it in college I've been allotted positions like fullback I've played wide receiver that I go in blind sided. The Raiders are doing the same thing with me here and -- me all around and -- have a lot of fun doing the first stuff that I would do. A lot of. You know I have a lot of areas of the like I need to improve on -- -- -- -- -- -- route running and things like that but what number is that Tim Wilson some some good stuff running really good routes and catch the ball really well. Repeats it and constant thing it -- There. Yeah its really cool because you know I'm not only one lost up there. Good you know there's two guys that are trying to figure things out and we would both help each other and it's just real. -- Lifelong -- to Rivera drove in the future draft search of this we have a good record book it's you have what -- -- -- -- Yeah it is hitting Buffy started -- out there on the field this if you hit it didn't -- now but you know I'm really proud. To accomplish these goals and you know it's gonna continue to strive hard. Accomplish them. -- Yesterday did it was pretty funny because of that. It came down inside and out well for LAPD and you know they did know what was going. You know we just got the a couple of -- -- so. It was a cool because -- I'm not the only -- -- -- -- the my assistant miles -- -- she she loves it she's ready come all the old days so she's pretty. Mr. expert Mel I'll -- that all of them -- About the money that I. Yeah. Yeah hello city you've got real accurate ball and did he play -- them. You didn't think. Remember -- -- school that we played Arkansas once you know with a pretty pretty game for us. -- -- kind of kicked our -- let somebody's on watching them. -- Yeah that's that's one thing you know he demands your attention and you know he didn't demand that you could play right stuff which is really good for quarterback. --

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  12. and everyday man is it crazy today about SEC football and Johnny football. That's ..... Sports past but. I don't know what SEC media day today. How do you compare himself ..... rumors surrounding that. and that he does SEC media days compared himself and Justin Bieber

  13. trending Yahoo! Sports everyone is talking about the Major League Baseball All Star Games funniest stuff over the website hustle SEC news. And NBA news is always there on top of it all so we got sports talk live with me your host and and what's in the box

  14. kind of answered that question today they got their Winger. It just came be mature via trades free agency so. That's the way SEC and I see things right now you think getting Joba Belsky sign an extension is probably now the top of their list moving forward

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    know some pitches you don't really recognize stuff about us. You know it was saying it OK actually. Let him. Yeah it's tough. Yeah I mean literally ardent bruised up pretty good you know right after Arkansas . National is kind of.

  16. our big game this year we don't want to lose to write three out of four lead is down to watch it when I look at it like the Arkansas I think tomorrow. Becomes a big game you know. You haven't played all that great against Seattle you have to go there for

  17. players test positive or certain performances in. And coach talked about Baylor team. They're gonna be a little Volkswagen SEC Alabama Auburn or LSU Alabama were two really good programs are fighting each other. each other. In the offseason doesn't

  18. ability they're gonna run really similar times. So I mean as far as actual speed no I mean it's similar when you play in the SEC either fast guys. Palm a little more instinctive little smarter. I'll actually get their natural quicker. That would be

  19. light the his second goal of the post season Bruins fell on top one now. Time winding down on the penguins' chances in game Arkansas blocked by Zdeno Chara. To go Sox host the second set up this series and the Bruins win and advance to the Stanley Cup finals

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    good old fashioned quarterback controversy sort of for the silver and black shall we thought Tyler Wilson quarterback from Arkansas big strong big all our you got Matt Flynn coming and expected to be the starter. Are we to believe that there's an open