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Diamond Girls: Donna Flannery



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  2. World Series0:21, 0:23, 0:34
  3. Mariano Rivera4:19
  4. Yankee Stadium4:14
  5. Bay Area5:43
  6. Santa Barbara4:52
  7. Madonna5:32
  8. Giants0:39, 5:42
  9. star game4:02
  10. raise money5:07, 5:22
Wed, 11 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Yeah win. And apparently Donna planner each one of my favorite if they -- turning on diamond belt it in theory that -- -- believe this it -- rookie year. It's been since -- -- I hear it said this and -- World Series. World Series in -- time you were totally on time and -- for me. Oh how things change and here I -- I made sure I was on it to you reception they'd give me -- so they did you live and he mentioned the World Series and let's. It's tough stuff out of the way this is not and the way the Giants one of the season ago you have been with him forever. And that you've been through rough seasons what isn't like as -- On the south cool side of the I honestly they're 1832. Years. And not all of it's that we did a little bit at the TV and we get a little bit and radio that queen -- are involved. Far -- the age. 20102012. So four times. And I'm trying to think how many years. Let's just all part twenty yeah -- We had a winning season yet went around here so it doesn't happen very often enough that. To have the last three years. And it means -- team the way it. The weight became about me. It was so exciting thing I think 2010. I really did happen I read a Adrian covering him there's so many times and he thought it -- him. It was in the field gap. Definitely yeah that doesn't fit the other side of it though is they got Brett pierce and Matt and aunt -- -- but never quite as. -- -- -- -- -- -- did then yeah. So many teams playing to win and everybody wants to. Me and somebody in the coaches obviously a lot of acclaim. I don't think it's just fun this year I mean nobody worked harder than they probably -- and you know. Every year they were asking that they are that there it through their deep in the Atlantic ten -- -- -- -- -- keep each other going. In there. I try to just keep him pumped up. If it's amazing -- is an -- opposition something's wrong. Wins and losses. -- you wouldn't think. Each week in and my husband comes home I mean. He -- How emotional there still yet still it is passionate about it yeah. They all act which is that make them a special group they're very passionate about radio. You have had double duty this season he can you gotta get me in pain and not. Keeping me from wedding planning how is it going and got an attendance wrong how much of it he -- -- -- plan on dealing occurred to frank. He had not wanted to be involved in all of -- sudden now that we're coming toward the end of this season he started asking questions. Hit it could be a fun. It's going to be you know a special game and a fund our team we're trying to do it this much but it does. We king and mcdonalds and is -- on that idea I know. So give yourself a break. And but it's been planning Spain yes I have found another of the rankings now. Note that Sam I am gonna go on the road trip to new York and there -- which by the way. Last time anything you Wear him let him have it for them how -- it is and let. I went behind the army EL gaps to get my head. We'll have you really got out. -- does the all star game needs to clarify. Fans sitting -- of -- fans get behind me and maybe that might -- is it time -- it I think that's perfect and that never been. You know obviously in this city feel that -- never been to Yankee Stadium -- Excited about that. Max and they're honoring Mariano Rivera and I think that was you know -- -- -- -- to be ahead. My flight -- that coming back yet yet -- you think they're a little bit longer. And the last thing for you off seasons aren't usually to offer you guys because it can be and -- how successful they've become. If either tumors that are I'm saying EB outmoded -- do you get any type of vacation Olympics. I'm really in there and take them home in October it's in it's relaxing. Count. On -- -- places in the world than Santa Barbara and range and then. After that the winnings November 15. Think Tim doesn't looms in early November -- can you. Present where they raise money for the evening it's it's it's pre champ and then a couple shows in San Diego. The back up here yeah I had on they're going to be doing the for. Bush knows me trying to raise money. It's best athletes. Playing bad -- -- -- Tim Flannery dot com perfect. Any time on base and ten you'll see a lot of pictures Madonna she doesn't even know are there -- but I don't think that they're all. Having behind me not playing she's one of the last. Condemning girl thinks the Giants CSN Bay Area dot com -- -- the next thing.

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