Dior Lowhorn

1.30: Gonzaga USF Postgame- Dior Lowhorn



  1. Bill Russell2:24
  2. Sydney1:29
  3. Texas1:24
  4. closed doors0:41
  5. mobile home1:56
Sun, 31 Jan 2010|

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Inning and then continuing nationally ranked -- nine times and that's how we regulate and let them an openly in the game. Me I think we've just been through a lot man myself and it's only used different coaches. And I've been through a lot and he's been through a lot this year he's. People get hurt before the season and with to a lot last year when coach came more coaches. Told myself I had a -- last night. They beat then he you know and you. You know -- that's stuff you go to practice homework how -- coaches on this season with five. -- thank the staff and stuff works so hard nobody knows what goes and closed doors. Like we knew on our home court it's been good to us so we knew we can if you came yeah solid game plan to -- -- about possessing the victorious -- that -- not victorious happy. -- who came up to us. They had a lot of their own fans here don't want anything about the home crowd and how much they were -- this game home. You know how many students six of -- -- the last couple years I've been here. You know they bring their fans can say anything to be louder here and their fans who aren't that meant lasting six and most people. It's definitely on all those guys who don't work this year and work done. The local Donovan new era content -- a lot of new incentives to get on students I'm in Austin, Texas best -- seed in this world he had just been so long so. Sydney last sequence of regulation where you haven't missed three and then they sit on you needed that -- time. Man no -- to go back to -- his -- yeah okay well I mean I missed the person in. And man I don't know who -- that lead and little or maybe he deflected off and the greens neither player -- -- -- to meet. And I was like man and looked good to feel good win. We know it's. Keep team who's mature mobile home court to grind it out notes and. And just describe that feeling -- all the pin pinned down rusty here right -- on off on me man I mean honestly. I was in there but I what does it wasn't the end there it was so -- -- Last year's -- You know win nine games eight games you know since both latins are. I mean I'll they have been this is the fifth. -- -- Bill Russell so I wasn't where I was and how I took me about insect blogs. I've never experienced and my best and.