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Sun, 30 Jan 2011|

Kate Longworth catches up with Randle, who currently plays in Turkey.


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Areas yeah throw Randall is still -- you're not at cal Berkeley student anyways still aren't that big into -- at the hot seat this Saturday. Let it likely evacuate and not yeah. Lots different and I expect. And I was lazy passes. So it's. Really haven't really aren't. I'm just not happy yeah and supporters asking -- of this in New England lawn looked great today. Anybody like that aren't on how basketball and relaxes me now let's -- yeah. It's tough and it is. See story out there and he's been sentences again it just be leading this team and just. Just won't do you know best league team playing good on defense that that is going to be a great team and it down. And you're the reigning pac ten player of the years though looking out at the pac ten landscape looks in that statement. We keep an eye on it and they don't -- it's time. I'll look -- look -- my team that's that's my only focus on just hope these guys. Who the best they can't know coach Montgomery is you know -- the best way he came and it plays for ourselves I just watched focused on my team. You know Zach Thomas. You played a receipt. I didn't go -- different build people who are different everything is -- It was a good. I'm really glad this first. Do appreciate. Yeah -- Not to say yeah this is is really tough today don't confound. Eugene had like thirty times -- small -- so. I'm definitely toughness -- -- -- but this is as good as is will be doing really competitive and on the joined the basketball hall. -- your top player or even headed off to detect it sleeps like any match where you're at now where is -- future live -- What this god definitely -- that's in the NBA I don't know. You know what's what's gonna happen next year with the NBA might be a lockout that you know I'm still on the track and Travares did in -- god knows what stood out like it. It's a lot of bad. Helps keep English.

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    Continue to happen. Until came it was New England. Two shots in the first half when you distribute it to Buffalo in ninety good books. They played pretty good defense and that's when miss them when someone else's it's scandalous news there's nothing you can really do and you played two games. He's

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    Critics and Nicholas he came in agreed to. Coach gave. It's going to Feel. Actually did a great job boards and max did a great job and the big guys as well. is good. Mean he doesn't practice you know will be tough you know here around so you know we expect him coming into great. Inspecting team

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    President Thomas you know really good economical and get this deal so I didn't want to come out and be aggressive you know from watching. And no when when I'm not being aggressive data on the floor whenever case is I think my teammates feed that sides want to just you know set the tone. You know as

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    I don't know maybe in terms and dump don't know. Made a couple of turnovers and a demonstration was keeping them. But the differences you know we on the lead. No we was able to get out and bring every and obviously some buckets you know and that's really accurate so. No just mason turned what was

  1. Areas yeah throw Randall is still you're not at cal Berkeley student anyways still aren't that big into at the hot seat this Saturday. Let it likely evacuate and not yeah. Lots different and I expect. And I was lazy passes. So it's. Really haven't really aren't. I'm just not happy yeah and

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    Morgan in town at Haas pavilion this afternoon the bears' all time leading scorer Jerome Randle and I'll play professionally in Turkey a visit. First half ducks up to pick it up to Jorge Gutierrez the trifecta. The Bears

  3. bucket. And floater. I meet Bettis played four point eight days off I think her. I don't know second out there Jerome Randle hit the elbow jumper brought class Randle had six points and eleven minutes fort Gordon were down six Reggie Williams

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    Well small world we actually ran into point guard Jerome Randle on telegraph avenue auto way up here to camp this this afternoon. He told us he couldn't comment on a money situation and that

  5. people who. Well some that I know about by virtue of not having senior guards yet when you have to see your doors and Jerome Randle Patrick Christopher guys that have been through the wars and you know been through the actually the up and down of

  6. Jerome Randle that pac ten player of the year the speedy point guard averaged more than eighteen points. With four and a half assists per game

  7. Jerome Randle in the first half is gonna make things happen here with a nice drive. As the Bears tried to back come up their first conference

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    you race did you play basketball high school I didn't. What were your guard point and I expect your info imperial Jerome Randle and if not that is. That I. Utica might edge is dodger on your guy but he could not to watch the Bears as it again

  9. been ready and had. Was anything that they. Does he's brought that was that was different I was seeing him hole Jerome Randle it's fine points purses and higher power play it. they don't do a lot of good things they definitely pressured

  10. on the plate forced to do things capable. Led by former turning starting seniors including all pac ten selections Jerome Randle . And Patrick Christopher. And nation's leader in three point percentage from a year ago Theo Robertson the Bears