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3.9: OSU/STAN postgame -- Johnny Dawkins and Jeremy Green



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-- We had to do you know preparation. Last couple days you rate than we have played since January so. This stuff had really changed since then. Do we knew what to expect them going to be temple game that's how we like to play as well as some. Charity Monaro. Streaks throughout the course of the game. Our follows. And 11 big play about a million today's game so. It was so good -- we coincidence -- Step was it difficult to. Erase the fact that David Lee was out of the game in and focus on what was going on on the court. You always worry about teammate. He saw the look on his face when he went down so. For him not to be a -- game. News something so. Do you know Lotta Lotta time lifting room guys that -- willing to step in his absence and and I tell you that we -- so you know CIA issues come. Sunday's game but you know that's the nature of the game yet have a -- -- they switched the did down the deficit. Amid elbow and I was waiting for pick erode his for our plays that we design in the huddle and you know he made a good physically coming off guard and obviously finish and there is so. He's in -- -- good defensively when they needed. For. If they so we have canisters being. A lot of guys that can make plays -- to -- -- the morning children trapped around the court. And that particular. You position have a lot of room over there. When Wilson jumped out so. It immediately. If you. For. We agree -- lose much -- -- them good looks. They may force once. When I rushed it but it. The most far so good about excessive. And never got in the locker room. -- talk about that I have to realize you know decent look to the basket. It just didn't see our office continue to be aggressive aggressive. And and -- -- follow and that's what happens again. The ball moved pretty well of course yeah. Fourteen seconds to go. You guys look at this Denver Nuggets team who do you try to stop as it is a more difficult to guard the Denver Nuggets because they don't have a particular superstar. I think that makes it easy. Everybody everybody on the court -- -- about the individual. Match. You state that you national game plan you beef -- -- over the helpless we don't have to. Really double team hours -- you know because I think Inge out on the post when we elected to stay solid. Just one on one defense. And I think you. Certain possessions down the stretch to the last play Jeremy green defensive effort. It's made a quick adjustment and to get to vote on the back it would. We liked that matchup for -- coming in and get that stuff more so you know we're not going to change anything that we. And that our government -- to be aggressive when when defense and and just he's one of those guys -- them there wasn't a big change think. Now that that shooting has to start games knowing that you BS's. -- playoff teams and half of I was trying to stress about it so. Today they what did you a lot of Boston's early trade above my hands and you know we welcome that as a team because we have guys that can make plays. And just every single one of our guys -- to get above it and make the right -- players defenses. You attack -- so. Rule look at the fairway and see what we can maybe make a small adjustment here they have it. The course of the game we I think we excuse pretty well. Admit they made one more way to reduce the services to finish the game -- -- you career. You know hit -- certain it's you. You points in the game where. -- we didn't -- the right and he gave them life we the that's that's -- in the playoffs he's possesses Houston. When you have control the game -- can't really care who it is. It is tough choices to make another running you know again and again you if you. Yeah actually once you keep so that's the one thing you change if we lesions. And -- kind of maintain.

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    in the burst after drill quite well Let get back into a Only hit the hook shot along the baseline and minutes later Jeremy green . shot from behind the hard. What down and out of Stanford building momentum down. If not that well have all the answers

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    s he'd have a shot he continues to grow as a player as he has this early season. How archer young got a sophomore Jeremy green who that was good last year is a freshman made some that's a big games Fauria on the road I can never won a particular